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Jan 27, 2016
I received mine this morning, I'll post usage impressions once it's had time to charge fully and get used.
Physical Design and Accessories impression: I appreciate the inclusion of a quality travel case, and that the included 3.5mm cable has 90 degree jacks at both ends. This works really well with the placement of the female input on the back of the left cup. I prefer the 90 degree 3.5mm ends for usage with portable music players, too, so this was very welcome. They look great, although for some reason I didn't expect the "carbon fiber" patterned material on the headphones to be soft. It's basically the same padding material used on the underside of the band. This only disappointed me a very slight amount. The rotating joints for the cans are fairly stiff, but not to the point of being jerky; just stiff enough to avoid easily adapting to new angles on their own. This was a point I read about in a review before purchasing, so it didn't catch me off guard. There is less space for ears in the opening in the center of the earpads than I would have guessed. I don't mean this in a depth sense (the center doesn't press against my ears the way my Monoprice 8323's do), just in an area sense. If your ears are really large, these might be partially "on-ear" rather than over-ear.
Jan 27, 2016
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