MEE Audio Air-Fi Matrix2 AF 62

MEE Audio Air-Fi Matrix2 AF 62

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Celebrating the best of the best, InnerFidelity’s Wall of Fame features the finest headphones at the best values around. Stating that “these cans have a wonderfully un-colored response through the body and soul of the music,” Tyll Hertsens declares that the Matrix2 AF 62 is "a ridiculously good value proposition" Read More

Oct 20, 2017
I have to say I picked these up earlier and was disappointed. Might be AptX but the drivers are nowhere near good enough to take advantage of the codec. Save your money. They sound like any other $50 pair of bluetooth headphones.
Oct 17, 2017
These at $55, refurbs at $39, or Ausdom m05 at $29? What do you guys think?
Oct 16, 2017
These compared to the Sennheiser PXC 550?
I'm new to the world of over ear headphones, I've always been an IEM guy. I got these for the portability & case, and to use on Bluetooth to listen to podcasts around my apartment.
My issue is the pads on here make my ears WARM. Gets really uncomfortable after about an hour, which is less time than most the podcasts I listen to. Does anyone have a recommendation for replacement pads on these? Being new to the over ear world are there standard sizes? I didn't see anything on the packaging.
Oct 16, 2017
So, I have these headphones, and in general I find the sound, design etc. pretty good for everyday use...
..all but the factory pads. If these have the original version's thin pads, then they are too thin (for my ears).
I ordered similar Brainwavz to those linked above, but the hybrid model (pleather/velour). Of note: - They are WAY more comfortable. - They are less sound isolating. - They fit great, but are way larger than the originals, almost ridiculously so, and you have to smush them a bit to get the headphones in the case. - The headphones sound quite a bit warmer/bassier than with the stock pads (a bit too much so, IMHO)
The all-leather brainwavz may isolate a bit better, and not warm the sound quite so much, but I'm considering moving these pads to another headset,and trying the $10 pads from MEE (assuming they are back in stock now).
Brainwavz on left, stock pads on right. You were correct about the comical size @JayBP
Totally changes the fit and finish. Comfort and sound isolation both noticeably improved by swapping them out. I'm actually noticing how muddy and crappy the bass sounds on these cans now, haha, so take that for what it is worth. Still getting use as a Bluetooth option for me around the house when active/not seated.
Also no way I'm trying to cram these in the case they came with now.
Sep 5, 2017
I bought these 5 months ago:
Advantages : 1- Delivery is quite decent , in my case it was shipped via UPS, and arrived on time.
2- In-built Microphone works just fine.
3- Battery lasts for a good while and there's a voice message to notify you when the battery is low.
4- Carrying case is sturdy and stylish with a great carbon fiber finish.
1- If you're going to use the maximum size of these headphones you'll have two problems ( they'll look too huge and one of your hinges might break due to continuous pressure of the earcups *see the photos* ).
2- After the continuos usage of these headphones for 2-3 hours your ears and your head will start hurting.
3- The cable which arrives with the headphones has NO microphone or sound adjustment buttons.
4- Bluetooth connection will show a delay while watching videos and playing video games.

Sep 8, 2017
The pair I got from the last drop are too loose, IMO (hat size 7 3/8).
Sep 9, 2017
Your hat size is small to medium. Meanwhile my size is large , which makes these headphones look ridiculous in public and creates too much pressure on the hinges...
Sep 2, 2017
I bought a pair of these last time around. They're not "bad" but they're not "good," either. They're way too heavy on bass and the stock ear pads are thin and shallow. Sure MEE Audio will sell you deeper pads for $10, but they should have gotten it right the first time. I would not bother with these. Sorry, Massdrop.
Aug 8, 2017
So the audio quality compared to a pair of Sony BT headphones I bought for around the same price without Massdrop is noticeably better. The range is solid, deep bass presence and strong mid. Comfort has been just right, sitting comfortably around my ears and the headband isn't uncomfortable either. The headphones come with a sturdy case, usb charge cable and a 3.5mm connector if you don't want to use BT, which is a nice option to have say if you are away from charging for a while. My biggest issue with these however is their BT functionality. Paired with my iPhone 6S+ I have a noticeable delay, which for me is unforgivable for a pair wanting to be taken seriously. At best the delay is about 0.5s seconds, but at worst it can stretch beyond 1s, meaning watching videos, playing games, taking calls using the headphones is extremely distracting as you become immediately aware of the delay. If you look to the manufacturers, they talk as if half a second delay is an acceptable window of error, but for a pair of BT headphones, that just doesn't stand for me. There is a cable with the headphones allowing you to go wired, but they don't allow the use of the built in mic when wired, so although the wire helps remove the delay, it renders them yet again useless for mobile headphone versatility. If what you are looking for is a headset that you can listen to music and podcasts, then these will work just fine, but beyond that, if you need something with minimal delay for tight audio sync then stay well clear of these headphones.
Jul 20, 2017
Thanks for the special discrimination against Singapore, UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This is becoming more and more common among drops. Why don't you just close off Singapore, UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong accounts?
Jul 21, 2017
Lol they just hate Asia man
Oct 7, 2018
Meh, you crying ? I live in México and they don't sell to us. For the it's ok to sell to Argentina, Peru and Uruguay (which are pretty much further, so much that they are called southamerica instead of central america, like us), but it is not ok selling to us, which are their neighboors.
Jul 19, 2017
Received mine a couple of weeks ago. Sound quality for music is pretty good. Phone calls suck! I can hear fine, but everyone I talk to says the sound is very muffled.
Jul 19, 2017
I purchased a pair of these the last time they were offered on Massdrop. I'm very happy with them for the price. Notice that I said "for the price". If you are expecting these to rival $200, or even $100 headphones, you'll most likely be disappointed. They sound pretty good and feel pretty decent. I haven't experienced any of the issues that others have encountered so I'd say that there's a chance you'll have issues and there's a chance that you won't. I really like that they came with a carbon fiber hard case. That makes storing them in my backpack very nice. I've never used them with the audio cable so I can't comment on that. The charge seems to last as long as I ever use them, which may be 2 to 6 hours between charges. They might go longer but I've never tried. I'm happy with them and just wanted to let the community know that not everyone has had a bad experience with them. Also, I'm sorry to hear about those who have. I hate when I purchase something and have issues with it.
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