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Megalodon Dual Layer Knob Macropad

Megalodon Dual Layer Knob Macropad

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Feb 23, 2024
For those, like me, who were struggling to customize this Macropad: (based off of these instructions)
  1. Download and install VIA 1.3.1 for Windows or macOS. This version isn't distributed by the VIA team anymore, but newer 2.x and 3.x versions simply do not work with the keymap JSON :(
  2. Download the keymap kb03-01.json JSON file for this dual layer macropad product, the KB03-01.
  3. Plug the Macropad into your computer
  4. Install and open VIA 1.3.1. Click File → Import Keymap and choose the JSON file from step 2.
  5. You should then be looking at a rough approximation of the macropad's buttons with "keymap", "macros", "lighting", and "save + load" tabs in the top left, and keys to choose from down below.
  6. There are four layers to choose from (red = 0, green = 1, blue = 2, and white = 3), toggled with the small black button next to the USB-C port on the macropad. The top button in the VIA software (that defaults to TO(1)) is that button. If you want to continue to toggle between the layers, don't change that button's keymap.
  7. The three buttons in the middle of the graphical representation are the three physical keycap keys on the macropad
  8. The five buttons below that along the bottom are, from top left to bottom right, counterclockwise inner scroll, scroll button press, clockwise inner scroll, clockwise outer scroll, and counterclockwise outer scroll. Very backwards and intuitive order.
  9. Click on one button in the macropad graphical representation and click a new key from the many key choices below. It immediately saves to the macropad and goes live, and survives unplugging or moving between computers, no "save" or "flash" required.
  10. The "save + load" function saves the current layout as a JSON file. This file is different than the keymap JSON file. If you ever want to come back to this and make more edits later, you'll need to open VIA 1.3.1, File → Import Keymap, import the keymap JSON again first, then go to "save + load" section and "load" a layout JSON.
It's too bad this is all so brittle and unintuitive. It would be nice to have Native VIA or VIAL support in the modern up-to-date apps. The hardware is quite nice... ah well. Hope that helps.
Mar 10, 2024
Nope! I customized the first three layers and left the fourth layer as default, which toggles the RGB effects and brightness and stuff.
Mar 12, 2024
xd1936I found this in their documentation, if you care. 5. RGB Lighting You cannot adjust the RGB of the keyboard directly in the VIA Software. Use the QMKLighting section in VIA, assign lighting command values to your keyboard (For example BL+, BL-, Hue+, Hue-, Sat+, Sat-), and adjust the lighting on the keyboard. I can click in QMKLighting without VIA crashing, so progress.
Jan 14, 2024
I just got this, can anyone direct me to resources for programing this? I'm not sure where to find a .json file or how to get it recognized by Via.
Mar 13, 2023
Okay so original shipping estimate was 2/13 and it is now 3/13... Sure February was a shorter month but cmon... update?
Apr 3, 2023
PandaSPURIn case anyone else cares, looks like mine finally shipped today (4/3/2023) after it was ordered 12/20/2022
Feb 7, 2023
Top branding ruins it. At least make it stealth.
Dec 22, 2022
A wireless option would be nice... I could use this to control my media centre PC.
Dec 20, 2022
What am I missing? $59 from Epomaker.
Dec 21, 2022
cenotaphDrop tax lmao
I was kinda hoping the outer wheel would have some knurling or other texture.
Better late than never for the return of the mighty MEGALOOOOODON!
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