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MelGeek Mojo68 Wireless Plastic Keyboard

MelGeek Mojo68 Wireless Plastic Keyboard

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Mar 10, 2023
I just received this and the keycaps are not the same as what is pictured. I'm disappointed - this is not what I ordered. Drop, can you explain? -Different ESC key -Different Enter Key -Different C and V keys -Arrow keys are black, not orange -Missing subtext on many keys The product I received is not as described.

Chiming in to say that I got this and the Mojo84 from MG and both are solid keyboards. I'm using them as my daily drivers currently and have no complaints. I haven't even switched out the stock keys because the profile is pretty good, and I usually prefer MT3.
Jan 20, 2023
Maybe I am missing something here, but aren't these cheaper from Melgeek direct?
Feb 3, 2023
salvanipourYes. This is cheaper through Melgeek directly. Not the first time this occurred as well. They had keycaps from hotkeys listed higher than directly from hotkeys themselves a bit ago.
salvanipourYes, but shipping to the US from Melgeeks is $30. So, given that, it's cheaper here at Drop
Just chiming-in to say I bought one of these from MG a while back and I think it's a great keeb. I think it has the most well-resolved aesthetics of any pre-built keyboard I've seen, and it's dripping with style. It also feels great to type on with the gasket mounting and plastic mounting plate. The stabs might benefit from a little love but they're totally decent for a stock keyboard.
Sep 21, 2022
Now that Melgeek is back on Drop - get them to run just this keycap set. Instant sell out. Everyone has been asking for just the keycaps yet apparently that’s not a big enough profit margin. Cause fuck what the customers want, right? “If we don’t make a x% profit…”. Which I completely understand. It just sucks as an enthusiast.
Sep 18, 2022
Move the backspace key down a row HHKB style and I'd buy two.
donatjSo many like that, but I've just given in. The only way Split-BS seems to be in the cards is non-hotswap or HHKB unfortunately.
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