Mionix Avior 7000 Series Mouse

Mionix Avior 7000 Series Mouse

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Built for both left and right-handed batters, the Avior 7000 is fully ambidextrous and can be held using either a palm or claw grip. No matter how you hold it, the four layers of rubber coating provide maximum grip while remaining soft to the touch Read More

Sep 7, 2019
My Naos700 still kicking for almost 5 years, the only issue I had was double clicking (left button) but there is a tutorial on youtube on how to fix them. I just used a toothpick to fix mine.
Mar 1, 2019
My back button reached its end of life. Now what? Logitech is much more reliable. I've add them for years without issues.
Nov 13, 2018
Had two of these. They both worked for about a year, then the left button stops working. Would not recommend.
Jul 19, 2018
Just wanted to give some feedback - I bought this mouse from a drop in 2015 and now need to replace it due to the left button developing a double click. Overall was just ok, had hoped to get a few more years from it. The scroll wheel wasn't great either and it's button stopped working at about the 1 year mark. Would not recommend this mouse.
Apr 25, 2018
This is a great mouse! Smooth and comfortable. I only wish there were a couple more sensitivity stages. It comes with 3 stages of sensitivity, which is fine, but I think five stages would be better. I also wish this along with many other mice would come with a toggle button by the thumb where if you hold it down the sensitivity will be lowered until you stop pressing it. This can be helpful in games, and it would also help me a lot with working in my DAW. Any application with the need to fine tune things at random times would benefit from a sensitivity toggle button at the thumb.
Apr 8, 2018
I'm not seeing the Naos 7000 as an option either.
Apr 8, 2018
Same here :(
Apr 8, 2018
I don't see the Naos 7000 option during check out. Is it just me or anyone having the same problem as well?
Apr 8, 2018
Does anyone know of a mouse with similar ergonomics to the Naos 7000? I love mine, but the scroll wheel is malfunctioning. I bought it maybe 6 months ago. I don't really want to take a chance on another one after reading some of the comments here.
Apr 9, 2018
No idea about the internals. Didn't look that far.
Apr 10, 2018
Thanks for the suggestion :)
I'll read up on the Dream Machine.
Apr 1, 2018
FYI for any who may want one of these. Don't waste your money! No I'm not throwing my mice or using them as wheel chocks. I have mice that are literally knockoffs of knockoffs and yet they are better built than this. Hell I have mice I use daily that are almost old enough to legally drink.(Microsoft Trackball Explorer being the oldest.)
TLDR; Save your money and avoid the mistake I made. My mouse died due to poor QC and cheap parts and the "warranty" from Mionix assumes that you can even get a response from them.
Mionix support is utterly nonexistent at the best and a joke at the least.
IF you somehow manage to get a response from support on a mouse you buy from Massdrop you are likely to be told to talk to Massdrop. We have agreements with retailers  and the easiest and fastest way to claim a warranty is by going directly to the retailer where the product was purchased from. 
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Mionix refuses to cover issues that were caused BY them during manufacturing. What is not covered:
  • Defects caused by manufacturing.

The issues below are from Day 1 until Garbage day. This includes issues that happened after I gave up on Warranty support ever responding. From the factory the cable was pinched in two locations and failed due to poor QC. The skates on the mouse are evidently made from the thinnest and softest PTFE possible and have the longevity to match. The mouse wheel (both the "rubber" on the wheel and the entire assembly overall) are made out of some of the cheapest materials I have seen in a LONG time. The vinyl decal on the inside of the wheel you have to block some of the bleed through from the RGB wasn't cut even close to the correct dimensions. The adhesive on the vinyl doesn't adhere to the "plastic" you used for the entire scroll wheel assembly. The "rubber" on the wheel is breaking down from normal use to the point that it scrolls independently of the wheel and even jams scrolling on occasion. The entire scroll wheel assembly is made from such cheap low quality plastic that it has no reinforcement and fails from normal use.
Mine is dead and dumped in the garbage since it appears that Mionix has no QC and handles warranty support by ignoring you in the hopes that you go away.
Apr 8, 2018
FWIW my Mionix Castor's (heavily used) middle mouse button died less than a year after purchase (which also happened to 2 logitech g300s before that). I can't say anything about their warranty service, didn't bother trying.
Apr 10, 2018
You had the same experience as I did. Mionix customer support is utter trash and never to be trusted. Two keyboards died and they offered me a mouse pad, lmao!
Mar 15, 2018
Hope this comes again ASAP
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