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Mitchell Acoustics uStream Go-Anywhere Speakers

Mitchell Acoustics uStream Go-Anywhere Speakers

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Product Description
If you’re looking for portable Bluetooth audio—but are a sucker for stereo spread—then look no further than the Mitchell Acoustics uStream Go Portable Speakers. These all-metal Bluetooth speakers offer packable portability, but won’t restrict your sound quality to a single, often acoustically unsound capsule Read More
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Regarding shipping to my country. I can not see any informations on restrictions regarding shipping. I have bought a lot of products from here and this is the first time I am not able to get it sent to my country. Please inform me?
We are checking with Drop. As the manufacturer we have no problem shipping worldwide. Paul Mitchell
Oct 25, 2023
I don't see any way to set them for left or right stereo reception. Or if they are permanently one for left and one for right, I don't see any left or right markings on the speakers.