Monoprice Cherry Red MX Mechanical Keyboard
Monoprice Cherry Red MX Mechanical Keyboard
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Product Description
It is safe to say most people use a keyboard more than anything else they own. Most keyboards are cheap, flimsy, and utilize exceptionally low quality components despite their importance and ubiquity Read More
Professionals need professional tools:

It is safe to say most people use a keyboard more than anything else they own. Most keyboards are cheap, flimsy, and utilize exceptionally low quality components despite their importance and ubiquity. If you needed one tool to do your job, wouldn't you want the best tool possible? That's where mechanical keyboards come in.

Instead of using cheap membrane based actuation, they utilize mechanical switches (Cherry MX Red switches for this keyboard) with incredible durability, dependability, and superior feel while typing. Instead of the usual unsatisfying squish you get from a low-end keyboard, Cherry MX Red switches have a smooth, desirable, linear key press.

Superior Form and Function

This keyboard includes a built-in macro capability with support for 5 sets of up to 50 macros each. The keyboard features a soft-touch, rubberized surface for maximum comfort. An attachable wrist rest helps ensure that your hands are at the proper angle for efficient typing and reduces fatigue and stress related issues.

Each key is backlit with a red LED, which allows the keys to be easily identified in low-lighting conditions. The illumination level is adjustable to five levels, including a setting which cycles between minimum and maximum illumination levels.

The keyboard includes a 2-port USB 2.0 hub along with convenient connections for headset/speakers and microphone. It connects to the computer through the USB interface and features a 58" fabric covered cable for maximum durability.

  • Uses Cherry Red MX switches
  • Gold plated switch contacts
  • Switches rated for over 50 million keystrokes
  • 2 mm keyswitch actuation distance, 4 mm full throw distance
  • Requires only 45 grams actuation force
  • Red LED backlighting for each key
  • Includes 2-port USB 2.0 hub
  • Convenient connections for headset and mic
  • Supports 5 sets of 50 macros each
  • Cylindrical shaped keytops
  • Soft-touch rubberized surface
  • Includes attachable wrist rest
  • Includes media key functions for controlling playback of multimedia content

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Recent Activity
I'll probably join this drop so I can be the Otaku with demonstration models of each switch type. However, I will always wish the USB ports were 3.0<br /><br />At my office I use an earlier, MX Black version of this keyboard from Monoprice. Observable differences: differently-shaped (and non-illuminated) keys, thick rubberized USB cable instead of fabric-covered. It's pretty solid. When the keys bottoms out I get a nice clack, but it's not as loud and clickety as MX-Blue switches (or for that matter, the old IBM keyboards I grew up with).<br /><br />I imagine MX Reds will have a similar action, but without the (high) resistance of the Blacks. Tom's hardware suggests the lower compression force may lead to more typographical errors. However, if you're a very accurate typist and want to avoid RSI, the Reds might be an improvement (though such a typist wouldn't need to pay extra for illuminated keys).<br /><br />Tom's article, with the diagrams we all enjoy: <br />,2955-2.html<br /><br />You can make these quiet by installing O-rings; not too hard but if you've never dissembled a keyboard before it'll take you over an hour to finish the job. Rings can be acquired from wasdkeyboards or Amazon. I would recommend the WASD keycap pulling tool for beginners:<br /><br /><br />I liked the Monoprice MX-Black keyboard so much I purchased their MX-Blue keyboard as a spare (and also for experiment). Mostly different parts, but it's also good and clicks like the keyboards of my youth, maybe not as loud (but louder than the MX-Black). A more delightful typing experience than the MX-Black switches.<br /><br />When looking for a wireless mechanical for a friend (rare item, BTW) I found the XArmor U9W 2.4 GHz RF wireless, which had the exact same frame, with a bump containing the wireless hardware where the USB cable would otherwise have been. (And MX-Brown keys as I recall.) I figured that would be another quality item.<br /><br /><br /><br />After a week of use it completely stopped working after an 18" drop onto carpeting. Wouldn't work via USB either. Considering how solid the frame is, there couldn't have been much flex. No way of knowing, but I tend to imagine XArmor's enhancements are what broke. Even if this is true, I have to presume it isn't typical for the brand.<br /><br />I'd purchase any of the Monoprice mechanicals (MX-Black, MX-Blue or some future MX-Clear for me), but would avoid purchasing the XArmor again. Definitely the same frame, possibly the same Chinese factory for all I know, some different internals, far different luck for me.