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Product Description
Designed to look and behave like a pair of cult-favorite anime characters (Emilia the half-elf from and Betty from the forbidden library, both from the Re: Zero series), it’s safe to say that these two switches from bring tons of character with them. The EMT V2 is a silky smooth linear switch with an average 58 grams of required force and a decently long 3.7 millimeters of travel—perfect for middle-of-the-road typers Read More

Customer Reviews

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Some of the best switches I have ever used.
I have never purchased or used a Wuque Studio product before. When I heard that the two switches are based off Re:Zero I just had to get them and try them out. First off I just have to say, wow. Despite the light factory lube on the switches, where it's just on the side, both switches are incredibly smooth and has either 0 or almost 0 scratchiness to them. You can in fact lube over them yourself and if you do the switch just sounds so much deeper. I honestly do not see the reason to lube them at all unless you want a deep "Thocky" switch. From here on my thoughts are all based off the stock experience. This is also my first time using a double stage spring and I am a huge fan. Both switches also use a diffuser in the switch to make RGB pop out more. The Emilia's are probably my favorite or second favorite linear switch. They are almost as smooth as my Tangerines and the Tangerines made me like linears. The Betty's however? Immaculate. What a fantastic switch. I loved the feel of the switch. The tactility is one of the strongest tactile bumps I have experienced. Excuse me for not being very specific in terms of the shape, all I know is that it is just a heavy bump but it doesn't feel heavy due to the double stage spring. The Betty's are probably my favorite switches at this very moment. I am very impressed with both of these switches and I guess I am going to continue purchasing switches from Wuque. Highly recommend if they get back in stock.
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Shorter-travel alternative to Moondrops
While not identical, these are similar to the Moondrop Tessence and Lunalight switches, being from the same manufacturer and made of the same material. While they do feature different springs and stem-pole lengths, and perhaps even different factory lube treatments, they they're familiar to each other. The biggest difference is that the Betty is a lot more snappy and index-y than the Tessence, and the EMT V2 is a bit more clacky than the Lunalight. The other big difference is the price - these aren't cheap, but they're cheaper than the Moondrops. All of the above are excellent switches IMO.
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Jul 11, 2023
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Decent Cheep Tactiles
Betty: Overall not a bad tactile for the price I ended up paying of 0.54 per switch. Nice tactile feel similar to that of U4Ts, with the main difference being a more clacky than thocky bottom out sound and more stability in stem wobble. There is little to none compared to my batch of U4Ts bought in 2021, which have a noticable amount of play. The "cons" that I notice are that some (a small fraction) of the switches are a bit scratchy and/or have a slight struggle to return from bottoming out. Also, their is a noticable leaf pin or spring crunch in the batch that I received when listened to hard enough. When in use with good case foam and/or a non metallic case it's not noticable, but in a foamless metallic case it very likely would be. My only real gripe about the product is that it was packaged in a plastic bag, though this is an unfortunate issue with most switches.
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Mar 19, 2024
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An Underrated Tactile.
Nice long pole, light diffusion, good sound, and good stock lubrication. Tactility is a nice shortened travel with a round medium shape. Materials feel premium, and housing wobble is small to non-existent. The stock lubrication is enough. As someone who has lubed a lot of switches, having good stock lubrication as light as it is is a godsend. I would not suggest lubing over the stock lubrication as I think it would dampen the sound too much. The sound of the switch to me has a hint of tackiness with a medium pitch. Both thocky and clacky to me, not really leaning towards either.
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Betty - Good tactile switch and great for RGB
The Betty is pretty good out of the box and more than usable without additional lube. The stem is pretty tight, with little free play. The light diffusor is the icing on the cake. This switch has a very strong tactile bump, unlike the more subtle bump on say an MX brown. The bump is quite early in the key travel, which does take some getting used to. They don't come packed in a tray or box - just straight into a plastic bag. So, do expect some bent pins and the like.
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Sep 2, 2023
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fun couple of sets with decent stock experiences and diffusers
Both sets are nice with nice long double-staged springs for a snappy return. They seem lightly pre-lubed and don't feel too scratchy out of the box. The diffusers are a nice touch, more and more switches are featuring them and it really works well for the RGB lovers out there. The betty has a very strong tactile bump, similar to the WS Browns and a far cry from the MX Browns are even the holy pandas. It takes some getting used to and may not be for everyone.
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Aug 29, 2023
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EMT v2 and Betty
EMT v2 is a very good stock linear I would not lube them as the stock lube seemed sufficient enough. Betty these switches are great reminds me of Neopatilain switches but quieter a nice snappy bump, I would give the Betty a solid recommendation if you like tactiles, EMT v2 are great too but their are definitely cheaper options out their for a solid linear. They both look great I love the EMT v2 colors more than the Bettys.
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Mar 29, 2023
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Kinda scratchy feeling and not my favorite sound
To me, they didn’t feel that good out of the box. My gateron pinks are way smoother. Same with the lunalight switches, much smoother than these.
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Mar 20, 2023
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Nice switches
EMT v2.0 had excess lube on the light column but Betty switches feel unique
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Feb 24, 2023
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Bettys Are Amazing!
My favorite tactile long pole to pass in a long while since the U4T's. Very striking and unique color way with a very snappy "P" like bump. 0 pre travel and a nice and clacky bottom out with the long pole. These are also AMAZING stock, absolutely 0 ping on my batch. I bought em to display (I know I know, but they look really pretty) but I'm actually going to use these. May end up picking up EMT's next.
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Feb 24, 2023
BluescluesHow do the led diffusers look? I'm very interested to see them compared to normal switched
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