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Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard

Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard

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Product Description
A Topre clone that comes with PBT keycaps with Cherry stems and at half the price, the Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard brings the performance you're looking for in an easily attainable package. With a typing feel that bridges the gap between mechanical and rubber dome boards and a 108-key layout that works well for any computing needs, this keyboard makes your typing a breeze and keeps everything else refreshingly basic Read More

Sep 28, 2014
So does anyone know how to get this (in the US) without using a Taobao proxy? One reason I joined the drop is that it doesn't seem to be easily available... thx
Sep 26, 2014
So tempted to get it for the keycaps alone. Even if the keyboard sucks, those keycaps look great. so thick and nice.
Sep 24, 2014 This reviewer has the 35g one. He said it's very similar to a HHKB. Pretty much the same besides the actuation force.
Sep 21, 2014
it's like half the price of the Novatouch.. but i am not confident enough to purchase it off the Novatouch..
I think i would rather wait for more reviews and responses for this one..
Sep 21, 2014
I can't find reviews of these anywhere... It looks like there's just membrane keys. Is there something different about this "electro-capacitive" nonsense? Capacitors inherently use electricity, and capacitive keyboards are pretty standard. Why the high price?
Sep 21, 2014
luc_0No it definitely Topre knockoffs. It's also called the Noppoo 108EC-Pro i think. Check the link by "Grendel" on page 1 of this discussion.
Sep 21, 2014
This looks intriguing, but I don't think I can justify $150ish just to try it out. Anyone up for a keyboard tour?
Sep 20, 2014
Manufacturers make stuff to match requested tolerances. If Matias demand higher quality from Gaote, they probably get it, but it doesn't tell anything about Noppoo.
If anyone's interested in the keycaps, they are almost certainly Cherry clones made by PLUM (like on their other keyboards), with font copied from Topre Realforce. PLUM keycaps could be available separately somewhere in China, I'm not sure. You can harvest thick Cherry-profile PBT keycaps from older Cherry G80/G81 keyboards though, only beware of stem placement. edit: Also, don't forget about group buys with keycap sets made by companies with original Cherry Corp. tooling (GMK).
About the "Topre experience",. The feel of such capacitive switches is completely determined by the rubber dome, sliders/mounting and keycaps. These variable aren't constant across different Topre keyboards (Realforce, HHKB, Novatouch, FC660M, Type Heaven, microTron, vintage Topre keyboards) and this Noppoo isn't even Topre. If you're familiar with some high-quality vintage rubber domes, they varied a lot (just like there are quite big differences among different "mechanical" switches). I'm not aware of any up-to-date reviews in English (or any other European language), only impressions of engineering samples that stated the keyboard felt cheap at that stage (and the expected price was about $65 back then!).
I'm interested in detailed comparison with actual Topre keyboards and more importantly, whether it's possible to put these stems in Topre keyboards (listed above), although there would be still a problem with modifiers.
Sep 20, 2014
I want blank PBT keycaps rather than laser-etched legends if I join this drop. Is there someone like me?
Sep 20, 2014
But they're not topre....
Sep 20, 2014
Those caps are thiiiiick, and the colouring/legending/profile is great too. Is there anywhere I can buy just the caps?
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