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Oakywood Combo Dock Station

Oakywood Combo Dock Station

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Product Description
Excess charging cables and charging docks can quickly take charge on any desk. With the Oakywood Combo Dock Station, you can reclaim your space in style Read More

Jun 15, 2023
Probably good to note that you would have to supply your own apple watch charging puck.
Jun 20, 2023
TheWolfThis thing epitomizes overpriced Sharper Image kitsch. You are payiong $60 for a block of wood that was cranked out by a CNC machine in under 2 minutes. Toss in a few bucks for a lightning cable, sure, but the missing apple watch puck is just ridiculous. There isn't even a USB-C cable, probably because they cost more compared to a lightning cable. Here's what they need to do: 1) Figure out what you want your product to be. Is it an iPhone stand? 2) Carve a back for the phone to rest against and ditch the steel thing. 3) You could probably charge iPads upright too, provided there is a USB-C cable. 4) Carve out a resting spot for the watch and its puck. Congrats, you now have a visually interesting piece of wood. 1) Is this for charging all cell phones and watches? Ditch the cables. 2) Hollow out the block. Put 2 wireless charging pads directly beneath the top surface of the block. 3) Stencil the locations onthe top surface with wood stain. Now you have an easy way for people to charge their devices without cables. 4) Want to provide a longer cable for your wireless chargers? Hide extra wire inside that big hole you just carved. There you have it, version two!
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