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ONEofZERO Retrograde Desk Mat

ONEofZERO Retrograde Desk Mat

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The best desk mats are expressions of your personal style, and nothing exudes quite as much nostalgic personality as the ONEofZERO Retrograde Desk Mat. Debuting for the first time here on Drop, this ultra-unique desk mat takes old-school aesthetics championed by the ‘90s gaming and tech hobbies and lays them all out in impressive geometric precision on your desktop Read More

Hello everyone. My name is Michael and I am the Product Manager at ONEofZERO. An important and valid point about this product was brought up regarding the non-stitched edge. I would like to explain everything there is to know about our decision behind going with a non-stitched edge. Although our surface material is premium quality and lands somewhere between a control and speed pad, this deskpad was created with aesthetics in mind and not geared towards performance/ gaming users. We wanted to create a deskpad that featured dynamic and dimensional artwork that was loud and where the artwork was not bound by the limitations of a standard deskpad, which is where the irregular shape comes into play. Being able to display the true artwork as the artist intended would not be possible with a stitching method which has the limitation of not being able to stitch beyond a maximum fillet radius of 15mm. Although the edges are not stitched, the process we used to cut these deskpads is actually much different from any other deskpad/mousepad you may have seen before without a stitched edge. Those deskpads actually use a sharp mold that stamps out the shape from the foam. In our case we do not use a stamp but we rather use a laser. The laser cutting process was done after the cloth was fixed to the rubber base and after the design was printed. The main difference with the laser cutting method is a much more precise cut and there is a melting and fusion between the cloth and the foam that happens at the edge which improves the durability. We are not going to claim that the durability is as strong as our stitched-edge deskpads but it is far more durable and superior to other deskpads that feature the stamp cutting method. To lay it out simply, we made the decision to make a trade off in performance for aesthetic. If you are looking for a deskpad to stand up to aggressive gameplay then this is not the right product for you. But if you are looking to have what we are proud to say an immersive piece of art in your home office, then perhaps this is something that you would be interested in. If you have any questions about this product you can reach out to myself at
I like the design, but no stitched edges = hard pass. This will not hold up over time.
Sep 1, 2023
Another_Overpriced_DropWe agree stitched edges are the best, but we couldn't achieve a design with sharp corners like this with stitching so we've pioneered this laser-cut technique. Because the heat of the laser, it actually melts the fibres as it cuts and helps prevent fraying the way a traditional cut edge would. In our testing it actually holds up pretty well.
Hello! If you would like to learn more about the artist of this desk mat, check out the website:
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