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Mar 2, 2021
Dear Mass Drop Customers, This is an unofficial listing for QUAD products and is not supplied by QUAD’s official distribution channel. This sale; 1) does not meet USA mains power certification 2) does not include a QUAD warranty and will not be serviceable by QUAD or official representatives 3) comes from a currently unknown source, located outside of the USA and 100% is not an official QUAD distribution, service or support channel. This listing is against Mass Drop’s own policy of selling authorised products from official sources and previous agreement for QUAD and Mass Drop to protect you, the customers, from such unwarranted and compliance violating sales. Your safety, protection and customer experience is imperative. QUAD will always support all of our dedicated and loyal customers but in order to do this, we need to make sure you have access to purchase products that offer you best performance, reliability, trust worthy supply and follow-up service options. We cannot do this when the units are sold against many safety, compliance, and therefore legal rules, of electronics products sale and distribution. Official Notice of this situation has been sent to Mass Drop from an official source at QUAD. This listing exists in spite of this notice. If you would like further information or support please contact us via the QUAD social media pages, website or via our local North American distribution - MOFI Distribution. Yours faithfully, Jamie O’Callaghan Head of International Operations IAG Group LTD (QUAD Electroacoustics)
Mar 2, 2021
Jamie_IAGcould you provide good price ?
Mar 16, 2021
Jamie_IAGDrop "support" states they are unwilling to say who the vendor of this product is. They also state that I cannot cancel this order. Where do you suppose these units are coming from? This does not seem like a good way for Drop, or anyone for that matter, to try and mak a dollar. I'm told Drop limits their liability for customer satisfaction to 30 days. I am not pleased with how this is going.
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