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SMSL AO200 Digital Power Amplifier

SMSL AO200 Digital Power Amplifier

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Product Description
The SMSL AO200 Digital Power Amp is an exercise in digital precision—providing pure power and plenty of headroom for your speaker setup. Powered by an impressive Infineon MA12070 amp chip, with volume control delivered by a low-distortion NJW119 chip, this amp puts up to 150 watts of clean performance at your disposal Read More
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Oct 4, 2021
If this has a 200hz roll off on the sub out , where would i set the crossover on my sub ? My set up at the moment is a - Topping E30 Dac / Nobsound NS-10P Tube Preamp which feeds into a Wharfedale SW150 Active sub through RCA input/output back to a SMSL SA 98e power amp. Then to ELAC Debut 5.2 speakers. Speakers go down to 46hz so i just set my sub at crossover at 45hz and the rest of the frequency gets sent to the main amp. Question is if i were to buy this AO200 or DA-9 with the 200hz roll off and a sub out port what frequency and what would be the best wat to connect up my subwoofer? Or would the sub out be useless for me. Any help would be appreciated.
Oct 24, 2021
Connect the subwoofer outputs on the AO200 to the line level inputs of your subwoofer. The subwoofer crossover frequency should still be set to 45Hz or maybe a little higher (because the 200Hz roll-off in the SMSL amp will reduce the level at 45Hz by a fraction of a dB).