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SMSL SD9 Desktop Music Player

SMSL SD9 Desktop Music Player

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Product Description
The SMSL SD9 Desktop Music Player is a full-featured desktop playback engine that converts, decodes, and manages whatever files you’re looking to listen to. At its core, the SD9 has an audio-driving processor that’s capable of tackling PCM resolution up to 384 kilohertz with native DSD256 support Read More
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Feb 15, 2024
I have a NAS drive connected to my wifi. Can this equipment play music from my NAS?
Feb 15, 2024
Technically, yes. But I've owned the SD-9 before and was extremely disappointed with it. I really liked the looks of it and the screen showing the album art and info even though it was quite small, but it just never worked reliably using ANY method of playing music files. The network based methods like DLNA, AirPlay, etc. would drop out and skip in songs and even a directly attached USB stick did the same. It wasn't that I had bad files because they played fine on other devices and also affected music from streaming services via AirPlay, etc. as well. Firmware updates helped it a little but not much. Not sure if I just got a bad unit or if this is how they all are.