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Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station

Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station

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Product Description
Lubed switches are a must if you want your keyboard to perform at the highest level—but taking each switch apart individually is tedious and time-consuming. To make that process easier, Space Cables and Qlavier brings us the Acrylic Switch Lubing Station with a new fluorescent green color Read More
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Feb 10, 2021
I assume this still requires you to have your own switch opener. It's just for holding the switches while you applying your lube?
Yes, that is correct! It helps me personally avoid extra mess and keeps them organized during the lube process.
Feb 13, 2021
Why does this cost more than the MStone lube station while having significantly less capacity? Is it cut better or is the material just better? What am I missing?
Feb 15, 2021
I own the mStone. It's cheaper, IMO, because it's rather flawed in design. If you put the housings, stems, and springs in, it is too cramped to actually use and the fit is very tight to boot. That said, I bag lube springs and without their addition, you then DO have enough room. That doesn't work for everyone, though. This one has a better impression from users, so I ordered it to see how much better it was.