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Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station

Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station

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Product Description
Lubed switches are a must if you want your keyboard to perform at the highest level—but taking each switch apart individually is tedious and time-consuming. To make that process easier, Space Cables and Qlavier brings us the Acrylic Switch Lubing Station with a new fluorescent green color Read More

Feb 11, 2021
Bummer it only holds enough switches for 60% and less layouts. I can see why they omitted spring holders because the hole would just pass through and the springs would be touching your table. But for the price, it's not bad if you're doing 60% or less. Just would have been nice to see up to ~90 switch support. But at least this lets you do a lot more switches and prep at once.
HerpDerpenbergWe have a few more designs we are going to be rolling out! You are correct in that you can only do 63 at a time, I personally just go through all of them and then fill the top row once more to accommodate a larger layout such as a TKL.
Feb 12, 2021
HerpDerpenbergInteresting that you find it too small. I for one find it too large on the countrary. A small "station" that can hold about 20-30 switches would be enough for me. Cause it doesn't bother me to lube my entire keyboard's keys in multiple batches. The important factor for me is that the "station" is small enough so that I can stash it away in the same box where I store all my spare keycaps, switches and tools.
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