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Tada68 PBT Dye Subbed Keycaps set

Tada68 PBT Dye Subbed Keycaps set

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Mar 26, 2020
When is the next drop for this?
Aug 10, 2020
TNB1seeing as the last posts about this drop were in 2018, I don't imagine anytime soon? It seems like they transitioned all their keyboard stuff over to their CTRL & ALT keyboards... If you're looking for this specific keyboard though, I'm selling a brand new one (black base, white keycaps w/ black letters - same build as picture #19 of 22 above):
Nov 9, 2018
got an email saying it was cancel. got my money back. very disappointing experience but hey at least i got a full refund
I just got my email notification that the drop from July was canceled. Unfortunate.
Oct 24, 2018
So when I first got news 3 weeks ago that these kits were going to be delayed (after already waiting for 2.5mths, with unknown new ship date), I proceeded to request for a refund from Massdrop.
I then went to purchase an identical fully assembled keyboard (with LEDs) directly from KBDfans on Taobao.
For comparison:
This (unassembled) kit cost US$152 including shipping, wait time of 2.5mths + additional due to delays. Buying the exact same fully assembled kit PLUS LEDs including shipping from Taobao cost me a whopping US$114, and reached me in under 2 weeks. You read that right - it's slower, more expensive and you get an unassembled kit without LEDs if you buy from Massdrop.
Kind of made me wonder what the heck is going on with this shipment, and why I didn't do my research in the first place. Always check your options before ordering. Not to say that the stuff on Massdrop isn't good - there are plenty of things here that I don't find elsewhere - but they seriously messed up with this one.
Oct 24, 2018
when TF are they gonna get shipped
Oct 22, 2018
Did anyone get a new expected date? Seems like this is getting a little weird for a product that is available from lots of sellers... I haven't received any word from MD.
Oct 7, 2018
So when are these getting shipped? The email about the delay said we would be notified if it is going to be delayed over 30 more days. It sounds like noone has any idea what's going on.
Oct 4, 2018
I just got an email saying that the kit would be delayed, and this is AFTER already waiting for 2.5months since I joined the drop . Regretting my purchase. I should have just bought the kit direct from KBDfans for a couple bucks more, and would have gotten it within a week.
Oct 24, 2018
Kcztyep same here, i regret buying this
Jul 19, 2018
So I got my shipment [Aluminum Case + plate + PCB] a few days ago and I'm a little disappointed with the aluminum case. Not upset, just enough to say "aw man". There are some marks around the edges of the case - which I don't mind cause they're on the underside - but then there's a few right on the front face which just instantly feels like KBDfans stopped trying. It takes away from that 100% satisfied feeling. I almost got a replacement through MD, but by the time I sent my shipping address they said they were out of stock. So instead gave me 20$ refund - which covers customs fees incurred.
I'm not here to complain, just here to help future buyers consider what they're getting. Yes this is a group buy so you don't always have the option of "returning it to the store". If you've done your homework, I would agree with what you've read that this is an entry level package. This is my second Tada68, and now I'm feeling that the first one I bought with the plastic case was a better deal - cause I wasn't hyped up for a premium aluminum case that didn't deliver.
The damage is subtle, but it's on the user-facing surface, so I can be reminded of its imperfection.


Aug 3, 2018
sonikbotnikI finally got around to mine this week and upon opening up the package, also noticed my case with some anodizing imperfections on one of the corners. I have the blue case but there are a couple of small spots that are just bare aluminum. Not worth sending back in my case but disappointing nonetheless.
Jul 6, 2018
Urgh just received from last drop and damaged USB port on the PCB. Sad thing is everything was packaged really nicely, so this is probably a QA issue at the factory? No response from support yet...
Jul 10, 2018
Thanks - yeah i've got an official thread/ticket open with them via the route you described, but only manage to get form letters for response. Just doubling down on the active drop thread to try and gather attention elsewhere...
Jul 11, 2018
tickelsonHey there. We see you. Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. The support team is addressing it now. :)
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