Taylor Stitch Water Repellent Canvas Jacket
Taylor Stitch Water Repellent Canvas Jacket
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Feb 26, 2014
Hey everyone, We were notified by Taylor Stitch earlier today about the status of our order. Unfortunately, there appears to be some problem with the last batch of the fabric they received from their supplier. They have already put in the order for another batch, but this unfortunately is setting the fulfillment schedule back quite substantially. We are told it will take another 3 weeks for them to finish the production for our order of the jacket. We understand this delay is rather undesirable. If you prefer not to wait for the shipment and want to have your order cancelled, just email us at support@massdrop.com, and we will process the refund right away. Thanks, Nelson
Feb 6, 2014
Hey everyone, We have just submitted our order of Water Repellent Canvas Jacket with Taylor Stitch. Now that the bulk order has been placed, Taylor Stitch is preparing the order for shipment. In the meantime, we will also be preparing our warehouse to handle the reshipment of the product to everyone as soon as the order arrives. We are just waiting for confirmation on the shipment schedule from Taylor Stitch now, we will be sure to update again here once that’s available. Cheers!
Jan 31, 2014
Damn these are really nice. Too bad I can't justify spending $138 on a new coat right now.
It's pretty popular style, sometimes called a work jacket, or chore jacket. Really good for layering with a hoodie/fleece in cold weather, or just over a t-shirt in warmer weather
Jan 28, 2014
I do not think I understand the function of a rain jacket without a hood.
Jan 28, 2014
It is more of an all weather jacket you can wear.