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Mar 16, 2017
I received my D30 - A30 stack and finally put them to work with the AKG K7XX. I'm not sure if the AKG is considered a low impedance HP (it should be based on impedance but it has a low sensitivity in the same time). Plugging it in the 3.5 jack on the A30 setting the power on the low settings and 0dB gain I can dial the volume all the way up and it does not get extremely loud at all. Using the AKG's adapter I tested the HP into the 6.3 jack and it is plenty loud on the high settings on the power switch and 0dB gain. If I jacked up the gain it gets really loud but I still can't hear distortion. So I use it in the 6.3 jack.
The short version of the aboves is that the A30 can drive the AKG K7XX just fine.
The D30 is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 which runs the RuneAudio build. The Software recognizes the D30 no problem and is able to play anything I throw at it.
I'm new to this so I won't be able to tell you much about the SQ of either of the components mostly because I have nothing to compare it to but I did not experience noise or distortion that's for sure.
The manual of the A30 could be more detailed for sure. I feel since it is kind of an entry level system bought by people who are new to this hobby we need more details in the manual to help us set up everything correctly.
Is there anybody else who owns the AKG 7XX and the A30? If so I would be glad to hear your experience.
Mar 16, 2017
Jun 2, 2017
Got this stack on Ebay and the K7XX on Massdrop in March and am very pleased. I am hearing new sound effects in games and instruments that were missing in songs. Ignorance was bliss but my sound experience and enjoyment is at a new level. Currently using the Optical Input but I do have the USB cable plugged in just in case. I'm pretty sure the Optical sounds better but I didn't bother much with the USB anyways. It's mostly there in case I want to connect my phone or laptop.
I tested the K7XX on dangerously high volumes with Earasers plugged in and didn't notice any distortions. At normal volume, I hear less of the low's and high's but that's expected and acceptable. Never bothered with testing the 3.5mm except with 3 different pairs of Sony MDRXB50AP IEM's, which all sounded noticeably better than my motherboard's analog output. The Sony's are the only IEM's I use and also my go-to for high-bass, closed-staged, noise-suppressed sound, hence their inclusion in my test. Also have some M-Audio AV40 speakers hooked up through the pass through and they perform as they should with an amp. Haven't tested the BX Subwoofer pass through with AV40s yet but I imagine my body feeling the waves pass through.
This stack does sound rightfully better than my Centrance HD. Also completely clean unlike my motherboard's 3.5mm output. Never tested the A30 without the D30 since I don't trust any of my devices' analog outputs to be clean so I cannot attest to its true power.
Jun 2, 2017
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