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Dec 16, 2013
While I very much appreciate that MD is trying to make this right by us, I also do not feel that the $50 credit towards a future MD buy (which many will likely not use do to the poor communication, customer service, and lack of reliability in this drop) is adequate either. I am now without the pair of headphones I purchased for the holidays, that were due to arrive this week, my credit card has not yet been refunded, and will now have to look elsewhere to purchase and most likely will not receive my product by the holidays.
Canceling shipments and refunding our money is, as mentioned before, simply damage control. A $50 credit to be used on the site is insufficient. MD failed to confirm 100% with their distributor that these were legitimate and reliable before ending the buy/purchasing/shipping the product and should be held accountable to hold true to their agreement/promise and do everything to provide all of the buyers here with legitimate product at the price guaranteed in the drop.
If they are willing to provide a $50 site credit to make it right, they should be willing to provide $50 towards the product of legitimate product purchased directly from Vmoda...
Dec 16, 2013
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