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Z Mech Z18 Reinforced Acrylic Keyboard Display Stand

Z Mech Z18 Reinforced Acrylic Keyboard Display Stand

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Even when they’re not in use, your mechanical keyboards deserve to be seen. Put your favorites on display in the Z18: a Drop-exclusive stand from Z Mech, now in two sizes to fit boards large and small Read More

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Dec 14, 2020
Hi everyone, welcome to the 2nd run of the Z18/Z18+ stands! After the first run, I have listened to all the comments for improvements and put in a lot of effort for a better standard of this product. I here by introduce some key changes below: 1. First is the 10% discount ($44 to $40) 2. Acrylic part has surface finish and is now more transparent on the edge (image) 3. Stainless steel rods are now shinier and have better finished threads (image) 4. Damping foams are now pre-cut (image) Hope you like it and thank you for all your supports
Dec 18, 2020
Z-Mechcool too see you didn't quit and made improvements because i've been looking for a stand for my ibm models m and f and this is exactly the type of stand i wanted
silentbirdieHi, thank you! I have some pics here with the IBM model m on Z18+ for your reference :)

Apr 29, 2022
Dec 4, 2021
So you have a stand and then what do you use to protect the kb from dust? I have the covers but debating what that would look like a stand
jalfonsoHi, personally I put them in a glass door cabinet for displaying and preventing from dust
Dec 21, 2020
Dec 14, 2020
Hmmm....6 reviews clocking in an average of 3 stars... Was the feedback from the prev run taken into consideration for this particular run?
Dec 14, 2020
Z-MechThank you!
Oct 1, 2020
Received 2 of these Z18 stands yesterday in Western Australia. They came undamaged and seem well packed. No chips on the edges of the acrylic or scratches on the surface due to sticky tape on the acrylic which was fairly easy to peel off. Easy to put together but have to say the some of the nuts did not fit well into the steel supports and had to be swapped around to find the best fit. There is also a tendency for the nuts to come loose, so if you are concerned, I would say a bit of Loctite would resolve that. Hai, please supply precut foam that fits rather than have us do the cutting ourselves. My cutting skills do not match a machine, and the sizes and edges cut are uneven. For something this expensive, all details should be flawless. Also, a main reason I went for this is for the bespoke name plates. I see that the google form for ordering has been taken down. How do I get in touch with you to finalise my order? I like the stands, they seem super sturdy and secure for heavy set keebs.
gadgetstormThanks for the detailed review gadgedstorm! About the nameplate, would you mind sending me an email to either or I will pesonally assist you there. Also I am on the way to improve the stands to a higher standard in every aspect: sanding surface, pre-cut foam, more shiny metal rod.. And the price is expected to be trimmed down a little bit too. Hopefully you will support it in the future too!
Sep 24, 2020
I received my stand yesterday, but unfortunately one of the acorn nuts came without any threads. I don't suppose anyone knows the spec for what the thread should be so that I can order a replacement?
GhastlyGaseousHi GhastlyGaseous, it's a M6 acorn nuts. I'm sorry that this happened, I will check the nuts carefully next time to make sure none of them comes without threads.
Aug 11, 2020
I can't understand the purpose of this outside commercial store/showroom. What is the purpose of having this at home? It's more suited for ULINE catalog than Massdrop... don't get it... Here are some cheaper alternatives:

Clicked in because I was interested. Clicked out because of the price. Nope, nope, nope, nope. "Bro, I got a great idea to make money. Just make a simple acrylic stand and charge insane amounts of money for it. Those mechanical keyboard guys are used to dropping insane amounts of money. We'll make a killing, bro! Righteous!" — The company that makes this, probably
Aug 5, 2020
Love the design and had 3 ordered but decided to cancel. Just found it hard to justify $132 for 3 keyboard stand. Maybe if it included brass and engraving I could bite the bullet but when you have something like which gives you 4 stands for $20 its difficult to purchase Z Mech. That being said it is still a stunningly designed stand and I will purchase a bunch if the price can be lowered.
kuhlackThank you, I am still trying to lower the price as low as possible and still maintain the quality. Maybe I would suggest you buy 1 first and give it a try. Many of my friends has tried the stands and ordered a lot of them. I think you will be satisfied :)

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