Oct 7, 2018568 views

Sennheiser HD-800S alternative headphones

What are some of your opinions of alternative headphones to the Sennheiser HD-800S? I’m looking for a replacement to the pair. I’m not keen on the comfort; the HD-600’s are supremely more comfortable but the HD-800S’s have another layer of dynamics to the sound that I’d like to retain. I’d prefer they pair with the Bottlehead Crackatwoa tube amp, but it’s not critical. The LTA MZ2 paired very well with the HD-800S and works with all impedances. In yearly roundup reviews it appears that the HD-800S have collapsed from top marks, losing to Focal and MrSpeakers for better detail, comfort and price.

What kind of sound changes are you looking for? Also no MrSpeakers headphone is as detailed as the HD 800S.
I would suggest the Focal Elex or Focal Clears; or if you have a bit of an extra budget, the Hifiman HE1000se ($3500).
Like others, the Focal Clear is arguably the beat contender. I would also venture the Audeze LCD2 would be up there as well since they're constantly compared to the Clear.
Focal clear but keep in mind that It will not play nice with your bottlehead crack.
Focal Clear, Focal Elex....
focal elear or fostex th900 might float your boat. cheers