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Epos PC38x Help

So I just recently picked up my new 38x’s and I like them they look good and sound great but they’re unusable if I’m playing with friends. The mic is so sensitive any time anyone else talks in discord or in game chat it pics it up and plays it through my mic. Even when im watching football games and stuff it’ll play what the announcers are saying through my mic. Have you guys found any way to make the mic less sensitive or have less feedback? I’ve messed around with discord settings but the only solution I’ve had moderate success with is I just turn the overall volume of my mic way down. I’m using the headset on PC with a Astro A40 mixamp. Any help would be appreciated.

Jan 15, 2022
start with your PCs sound settings..try searching for Microphone in the search bar and see if the mic volume is at 100%. Then check the programs that you are using have their audio settings checked as well. A lot of the time these programs auto set he mic output volume at 100%. As an audio engineer I would also suggest dropping th A40 mixamp. That was made specifically for the headset that came with it. It may have more gain(volume potential) than is needed for a much better quality mic in Epos headset. Try plugging the Epos into the audio outs on the back of your PC. that should help out a lot.
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