Oct 10, 201860 views

Any other gear minimalists out there?

One thing I've noticed of the audiophile community is the gear hoarding mentality. In fact, you're expected to have a "stable of headphones", and God forbid you don't have less than 2-3 DACs and amplifiers. To be clear absolutely nothing wrong with that, but as a gear minimalist I do sort of shudder when I see whole shelves full of cans, dacs and amps. Any one else out there in the community that appreciates a 2 or 3 piece stack collection and nothing else? Anyone.....anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Two pairs of headphones, one dac, one amp.

25 pocket knives though, so I guess we all have our weaknesses.
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At least it is slightly cheaper than collecting audio equipment......slightly.
yeah $125-175 in average x 25 ... it adds up!
Gear minimalist and audiophile are contradictions. The path of the audiophile is lined with empty pockets and rabbit holes as they seek the end game.... which you should know by now doesn't exist!
Haha I genuinely laughed at this. Specially true about empty pockets part :D
For portable usage it's just my phone and a pair of iems. At home though... that's where you'll face your fears XD Well, maybe after I've had enough trying everything and have nothing left to explore- but for now I haven't decided on a single set up that I'm happy with and goes best with everything