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Wireless vs Wired (Closed Back) Headphone Recommendation [No AMP/DAC]

For the past couple weeks, despite extensive research, I've been terribly indecisive over which pair of headphones to get. I have been looking for a closed-back pair with absolutely no need for an AMP or a DAC, due to also needing it during commutes. I have looked at both Wireless and Wired options, considering their sound quality and how portable they are. My budget is about 300-400 ($CAD)Having tried almost all high-end bluetooth headphones so far, I found the B&W's PX to have the best sound by some distance, yet I worry about never getting over the comfort issue. And despite the Sony XM3 being quite popular on here and among other reviewers like Rtings, I found its sound quality and build quality (plastic) to be much worse than the PX. An exaggerated bass with muddy vocals, and little clarity when listening to House or Classical music. Lastly, the only 2 wired options I have seriously considered are the Meze's 99 Classic and Master & Dynamic's MH40.The Meze's sound quality was the best I've ever heard (being new to the high-end headphone market) but am worried about the new 'pads' that some of the later buyers are complaining about, where the sound quality seems altered. And the MH40, surprisingly, didn't seem any better than the wireless PX. Please recommend which of the ones I mentioned would be the best option for me, or suggest any headphones that you feel better meet my criteria. I have no preference towards either wireless or wired, but sound quality, portability, and build quality are my most important criteria, in that order. Would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!!
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Oct 22, 2018
Am currently intrigued by ATH-WS990BT. (not WS99BT as I don't have round ears. lol) Thoughts?
Oct 20, 2018
Go wireless for commutes. You won’t have to endure the pains of cables. Go cabled when you’re at home to ensure higher red audio experiences. I’ll let others make the product recommendations. Good luck!
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