Oct 18, 2018144 views

Any interest in adding a Homebrew Community?

Would love to see some good deals on homebrew gear & ingredients!
Piroum Yann, jon wherrett, and 72 others

I'd be all about it! Currently sourcing gear equipment and ideas can be a bit of challenge.
Yes, craft brew is trending today. There are a lot of equipment, tools and accessories, ingredients to mass drop in this new community
Yes Please. As a home brewer you guys have the power to get good deal's. SS Brewtech could make stuff for you. Raspberry Pie could make the controllers for your Keezer . There needs to be a Brewmeister in every household. You guys could have growler accessories. CO2. Growlers Stainless steel growlers with co2. Growler Chill so you can keep your beer cold from the brewery you just came from. Brew kits to brew your own home brew hardware pots pans etc Just look on Northern Brewer to get an Idea. Just a thought. This is an untapped market in my opinion. :)P
And products.
This would certainly help me try to find better deals for my beer club. Like I wish we would have started keging from the start... if we could have gotten good deals on the setup.