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The MT2 Name

We came up with the name of the MT2 profile for many well-intentioned reasons: continuity with Drop's other in-house mold, identical material properties and manufacturing processes to MT3, clarity to help users understand the position of the two products (MT2 is lower profile than MT3). The fact that the name of the designer of the new profile happens to also feature M and T was a coincidental extra “fit” in our eyes. It is our goal for community members to gain familiarity and trust for products based on the brands associated with them. It is also our goal to nurture, recognize, and respect the contributions of the designers we work with. It was not our intent to undo the good work Matt3o and our team have done on MT3 in introducing a sibling product, but it’s clear he and others saw it that way. On the contrary, MT3 and our past designs with Matt3o are successes that we want to continue and would therefore not intentionally undermine. Unfortunately we overlooked the step of talking to Matt3o as part of the process and sharing our thinking. In retrospect, that obviously would have helped us all see each other’s intentions and point of view. So, out of respect for Matt3o’s contribution and our desire to not dilute the uniqueness of MT3 in the eyes of the community, we have decided to rename the new profile to DCX, which is short for Drop Cylindrical X. This is a more descriptive name and also helps users easily understand the profile and how it may fit their preferences. True to our brand identity, it applies the “X” naming that is often associated with many unique Drop products.

Nov 3, 2022
Glad to hear Matt3o is back! Also appreciate the renaming of MT2. Will be preordering the new Black Speech in ortholinear now that I found this! All the best! ❤️
Apr 22, 2022
Tempest in teapot, frankly.
Apr 21, 2022
Be it MT2, DCX or Mxyzptlk, I'll try and buy a set. Even if only the numpad or the novelties one. XD
Apr 21, 2022
Appreciate the transparency here. This is definitely the right move. Feel like we see this too often with what happened between Glorious and Alexotos. Luckily this was just a branding issue and could be adjusted post announcement
Apr 21, 2022
Communication is key, especially in this hobby. Hopefully the dust settles and this all ends up as a poor launch, but successful product overall. The more options, the better, even for those who are anti-Drop since competition will always help get other manufacturers to speed up the pace.
Apr 20, 2022
I'm happy this was ultimately rectified for Matt3o. The DCX naming scheme definitely makes a lot more sense.
I'll be real with you guys - I'm not sure Drop will ever regain my trust after how this whole thing played-out in the days following the initial announcement, but if it's ever going to happen, this move represents a great first step in that direction.
  • While maybe not actually the most important part of all this, changing the name was a good call and I think you picked a good one.
  • What I do think is the most important part of this is acknowledging what happened and communicating about it; and while I'd still like to see more transparency about this and in general, this post is more than I expected at this point and it's refreshing - keep it up! Moving forward: when in doubt, just communicate.
  • I understand you guys reached out to matt3o and smoothed things over with him personally - I'm really glad to hear about that - and it's encouraging for the relationship between Drop and the communities its serves moving forward. On his blog matt3o mentions he got the impression that Drop just wants to learn from this situation, move on, and keep making fun stuff - that's exactly what I'd like to see happen.
  • I really hope the biggest lesson internalized here is that on-the-level communication is always the best policy; lack thereof has literally been my only complaint about Drop in the past few years, though it has been a recurring one. I'd be all too happy to see that stop here. Don't forget the Streisand Effect - placing oneself in its path can be ugly - much uglier than eating any amount of crow, fresh or otherwise.
  • Specifically: yes, I'd say the name was ill-advised, but please please know that wasn't the actual root problem - the actual problem was the lack of communication that led up to and followed it. It seems to me you guys finally did come around to the right answer(s) in the form of this positive development (reaching out to matt3o, changing the name, and most importantly just talking about it), and I'd really like to see that not even be necessary in the future.
Stuff happens, mistakes happen, miscommunications happen - no problem - just be on the level about it and there's a very good chance most folks will stick with you for it. This post is a great example of doing just that, and I genuinely hope it sets the tone for positive community and creative relations with Drop moving forward. Keep it up, and you guys may yet earn back my patronage and vocal support. I'll be watching!
Apr 20, 2022
All's well that ends well - glad to see the adjustment & looking forward to seeing some DCX keys in action.
Apr 20, 2022
why didn't you just name it Mi2
Apr 19, 2022
Good stuff drop. Am looking forward to low costs and queue time
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