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I know that everyone has been dying to see this (took us long enough, amirite), and I took some halfway decent side profile shots to compare DCX to the ever-so-popular Cherry/GMK profile. Spoiler alert: differences are subtle, and most noticeable in rows 2 & 3. DCX is slightly lower, particular at the front of the caps (can be seen in the front profile shot too). Rows 1-1 (DCX front, GMK back)
Rows 2-3 (DCX front, GMK back)
Rows 4-4 (DCX front, GMK back)
Entire profile, offset
Front profile

HoffmanMysterthanks super helpful!
HoffmanMysterInsert "they're the same picture" meme here.
Apr 29, 2022
HoffmanMysterCan someone tell me what is the minuscule differences besides the profile name? This is a cherry clone hands down. Legends looking sweet though
HoffmanMysterAssuming that's DCX WoB in final production form, what colorway is the GMK set? Is that also WoB?
RayBaerSorry, probably should have specified that. The GMK set is Dolch, so you're looking at the lighter grey alphas from a Dolch set. Comparing DCX WoB to Cherry WoB, the blacks are much closer as expected. DCX Left, Cherry Right

MechanicalNewbieAvailability and price for the most part. But also ABS blend to reduce shine (will still shine, I have plenty shiny MT3 ABS sets). Manufacturing process reduce external blemishes from spur marks. Perhaps overall thicker, they look to have more double-shot material than GMK.
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