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"Community First"?

I find it hard to believe that you put the community first when news outlets knew about the Senheiser drop before we were even notified.
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It also hard to think this when they completely dropped the vaping community which had a big following and was the reason I joined and refereed friends to use the site
I think that has to do with the new laws. As illogical as the ruling is, they are going in to effect and tobacco licenses are VERY expensive. I think that move came from a legal standpoint, rather than an "anti-community" one. That's just me though. I have only been here for about a year so I didn't even know that community existed here. I would have been deeply disappointed too if I had been on at that time and it was suddenly gone
So the laws are only for juice and such. The community did not have any of that nor did we really expect it due to the licenses. What was there was hardware and other related items that really were amazing products and deals.
Basically, there were items that you could not just put into tech because at the end of the day there is an age restriction and I respect that.
Can you give us some examples? We might need to follow up with them. We had a press embargo in place just to make sure that we let the community know before any press releases took place.
I don't think anyone was in violation (9am est), but for a drop with 9,000+ requests and and there were only 5,000 units available, why was there a need to advertise outside of the community at all? To quote TechCrunch " If you were focused on, um, other things this morning, you may well have missed the launch of the HD6XX. " The teaser didn't include the model or price, and I wasn't going to wait around for the normal 15-25% off of something unknown. I would understand if you started advertising a day or two into the drop if sales weren't quite what you hoped. Maybe I got the wrong impression, and those 5,000 orders were all from prior members but I don't know the numbers.
@vasquezriver As you mentioned, we had over 9,000 requests (we actually had over 15K before the drop launched!) by the time the drop went live all due to the pre-announcement we made to the Massdrop community (which included a drop page and pricing details). Truthfully, while we expected the HD 6XX to do well, the response and reception of just the internal community blew us away and was way above what we expected. Press and news outlets are coordinated in advance and at that time, we did not expect the drop to sell out as fast as it did. Once coordinated and once we have the excitement of the writers, it's not fair to pull out of the commitment at the last moment.
Part of the reason we choose to market externally is because we want to spread the word about each community and to teach people about the best products that exist. For example, in the case of headphones, there exists a lot of misinformation and questionable product recommendations on the web.
That being said, the focus for each Massdrop collaboration launched (such as the PC37X or the HD 6XX) is always to let the community know first. As long as you are subscribed to a specific community, you will receive the announcement first. In the case of the HD 6XX, before the first press release went out, we already had thousands of people on the site due to the word of mouth of the internal community.
Hope that answers your question and clarifies some of what happens behind the scenes. We are always grateful for the support of the community and thus always want to do the right thing.