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What Gaming Headset should I buy!?!?!

Okay guys. I've gone down the rabbit hole of audiophile headsets and here are the headsets I've seen come upore frequently that are suggested for gaming. K7XX HD58X AD700 HE4XX If you think their are other options I should have mentioned feel free to say it in the comments. Guys there are so many different opinions. I thought I was going to go with the K7XXs but now I'm not so sure. I just want a good sounding headset with good directional audio for gaming. What do you guys think is better for that? What are pros and cons to these headsets. Or did I not even list the best options for gaming in the $200-$300 dollars range? HELP!!!

The AKG 712 come highly recommended from me and I play PubG with a small headphone amp coming from the controller. It has plenty of juice with a fiio A3 on high gain.
The Beyerdynamic DT880 is in my opinion a very good "gaming" headphone. Very good bass, a little coloured mids however, with very good placing (left/right) of sounds!
Gaming is very different from typical audiophile purposes. For gaming you don't care about neutrality. You want something with a V shaped audio profile, and strong bass. Soundstage seems important, but it isn't all that crucial so long as it is there. (a large soundstage sounds good in music because it adds depth, but when you are trying to pinpoint footsteps it doesn't actually matter, you just need good fidelity) I also recommend something closed back. Better isolation and bass. You give up some soundstage, but once again, I would prioritize bass for immersion, and so long as you can hear them, extra soundstage isn't actually going to add to your awareness of what direction they are. All that said, I personally use my HD650s and they work fantastic for me, although I do wish they weren't quite so open to external noises. Oh, also all the comments above pertain to games like CS where situational awareness is key. For games where impressiveness is the goal, the traditional audiophile headset falls more in line with what you want, although bass is still crucial.
I think most people look for a strong treble spike for games to hear footsteps, but those are people who would choose to listen to beyer dt 990s for long periods of time.
Tldr: none of those for pure gaming, get the PC37X with a nice sound card, maybe Soundblaster Zx, and you're done for about $250-300. Otherwise you'll want an amp/dac and I couldn't find a better combo until I spent about $2000 (HD 800 S, Valhalla 2, Modi Multibit). I agree with fhood that audiophile is very different from gaming purposes and on sound profile, although I recommend open back unless you really get a lot of noise pollution or game in a room with someone else. My Sennheiser HD 650s had a pretty good sound stage and audio quality in game, but honestly I felt Senns gaming headset had much better accuracy in producing game sounds (gunshots/explosions/footsteps) and were only outshined when listening to music and the midrange was sweet. So if you want to game and be able to listen to sweet music then do the 6XX. Otherwise the PC37X gaming headset is also on massdrop if you're interested, it's cheaper, and better for straight gaming IMO. It uses the same driver as the HD 598 headphones but is tuned for gaming and adds a decentish mic. It's also labeled as open back but it's not as open as most open back headphones, it's more of a hybrid and I think it's part of why it's taken me a long time to find a better pair of cans. I ended up actually returning my HD 650's for Sennheiser HD 800 S's which are EPICCC when it comes to sound stage. I feel like a God in Siege listening to people walk through the buildings or like I'm in the middle of a concert when listening to music. Also can't recommend Schiit audio enough for amp/dac if you go that route, Valhalla 2 and Modi Multibit are a pretty epic combo with the 6XX or the 800 S, especially for classic rock and acoustic. Also, never tested the K7XX, that one seems to be getting recommended a lot though for gaming focus. But I didn't find a setup better than my pc37x (I had the actual Senn version, but appears the same) with a Soundblaster Zx until I spent about $2000... My original setup was like... $300... You don't need that kind of hardware for ONLY gaming, it's more for listening to music, so you can hear every single instrument perfectly neutral with .000001% distortion and have Nirvanas acoustic album caress your cajones through your eardrums. 
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Well I did order the K7xx. This will most likely either help me realize the PC37Xs are amazing, or arent as good as other options out there. See the reality is before i bought the PC37Xs, i had the Cloud Alphas. I purchased the PC37Xs to replace them after they broke. At first i thought "wow, what a boring pair. their is no base. and i dont think it sounds as good". After playing with them exclusively for 2 weeks, I repurchased the cloud alphas and they literally hurt my ears at higher volumes. the bass was to much and the audio was not as clean and warm. That is when i went down the audiophile rabbit hole. And im not looking back. Gaming headsets are terrible and The PC37xs paired with amps or soundcards are amazing. But even now im hoping to find a headset that sounds better than the PC37xs because once i went down the rabbit hole i saw hundreds of other options out there the people claim are much better than the PC37xs. Example the Sen 6XX with a mod mic or the K7xx with a mod mic. The PC37xs is rarely mentioned and when it is its more as a casual recommendation because its a good "starter" headset.
Personally, I use something like my Focal Elex for gaming and find it hard to go back to anything else. I used to rock Sony Golds, Turtle Beach, etc. for their dedicated 7.1 virtual surround but have found out high quality stereo has been the best for me while gaming. Paired with something like the Elex that has amazing resolution and clarity will give you an advantage as you can just hear more and discern between dynamic sounds much easier. They lack bass impact but have enough to not be bass anemic. Their soundstage is also natural whereas the 7XX sounds very artificial and weird. And while huge, their ability to image and place sounds within that soundstage are average at best. I ended up sending mine back and stuck with the HE4XX and TRX00 for a while before landing with the Elex. Clarity, imaging, and separation have mattered more to me than bass or a huge soundstage. I play stuff like Battlefield, COD, Rocket League, Forza, RDR2, etc. I also game out of a Yamaha A3080 so my experience my be a bit tilted but for consoles/AVR but if you want an uncompromised experience where you want the best, look at a TOTL headphone and never look back. You'll also have a solid set for music listening as well so you kill two birds with one stone. There are also many who game with HD 700/800s for good reason as well.
It really helps if you state the kinds of games you enjoy. The 58X is great for FPS gaming, but I wouldn't touch it for adventure or atmospheric games due to it's narrow sound stage. For casual gaming, movies, etc, the X2's are never a bad choice and they fall in the middle of your budget...and have easy amazon returns. The X2HR is identical except for the cup color, no reason to pay for it.