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Emergency/Survival Kit

Hey everyone, I'm about to embark on a fun project to build a 3 (or 5?) day survival kit for my household in Berkeley, CA. The primary reason for this is to use when "the big earthquake" hits. I was wondering if people wanted to give me suggestions on cool stuff to get/include in the kit. Here are some initial thoughts: 1) I'm generally price insensitive (within reason). I wouldn't be surprised if this kit ends up costing $2500. 2) I'm against having a firearm (I accept there are some practical reasons for this, it's just not my thing.) 3) I plan to include a sat-phone in the kit 4) I want to plan for mobility, i.e. have the kits in large containers, but also have backpacks in there so I can pack up and move if needed 5) I'm thinking 2 separate kits in 2 parts of the house, in case one becomes inaccessible when parts of my home collapse. 6) We have 2 adults and 2-year-old at home. I've literally done zero research into this, going to start now, likely going to try to post updates here, and would love to hear people's suggestions on cool/useful things to include (ideas/concepts, or specific products) Thanks for your time, wish me luck!
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We have a decent emergency kit setup now, similarly born of a "when the big one hits" mentality. I found a good place to start was to buy prepacked bug-out bags from Amazon and supplement with additional items. We bought three: one for the humans, one for the dog, and a smaller one to keep in the car. They came with the basics (nutrition bars, water packs, mylar blankets, flashlights, first aid, masks, gloves, goggles, radios, whistles, tape, etc.), which we supplemented with tools, pantry items, changes of clothes, personal medications, card games, coloring books, headlamps, extra pairs of eyeglasses, etc. Stored important documents in one of these ( and repacked everything into two sturdy backpacks for "grab and go" (the ones Amazon sends are pretty cheap/flimsy), plus one large bin for the house. Truthfully, a lot of the camp stuff we brought to Burning Man years ago has been applicable here, so this list ( may be worth cross-checking if you want to get comprehensive. Also like the idea of keeping kits in two different parts of the house. Good luck! 25 year shelf life, good selection of food and they taste pretty darn good too. This link is to a deal on the 2 week kit they offer. Kit is for 1 person.
The most crucial item in my emergency kit is my motorcycle. Especially since the reports of people leaving their cars on the side of the road and walking after the fire in Paradise. Since you have a family maybe this... :)
Yeah, I'm considering leaving a crappy bicycle at my office at Stanford. There's around 30% chance if something happens, it'll happen while I'm work at I need to figure out how to make it 40 miles back to my family...