Massdrop should create a gaming community!

I feel like a lot of gamers would love to see some deals on massdrop on gaming headsets, mice, keyboards etc... A lot of these things are already sold on massdrop so why not give it its own community!?

Feb 13, 2017
I agree this would be a great platform for gaming and like you said a lot of those things are already sold on here.
Feb 10, 2017
Yes, please add a gaming community!
Jan 19, 2017
I do get your point, for further thoughts, what defines gaming, what's the difference between gaming and no gaming? Funky leds, ability for macros, ...
Jan 19, 2017
This is the big question. Does it have to say gaming? Or is there some other way to define it. Does a basic motherboard count as gaming gear if it supports overclocking or does it have to be a specific release from the manufacturer?
Jan 20, 2017
I am not saying massdrop should throw everything that could somehow be used to game on in a category. I believe that there are specific items that people who want better tech to play video games on would look in a specific category that contains just those kinds of items instead 100 different headsets or keyboards to look at. As far as keyboards go, gaming ones should probably be able to use macros or a custom software that could help and maybe even the LEDS. In general, I mean to ask for a category for things such as the new senheiser gaming headset that is in audiophile where I do not think it belongs. It is a PC gaming headset designed to have mic functionality for video games specifically. Certain items like these is what I would like to see in its own category along with other gaming monitors, keyboards, gaming headsets, chairs like the DXracer and more. Some things I think that massdrop has already done that would fit in this category are: Mionix Caster RGB gaming mouse, Eblue cobra gaming chairs, mouse pads, etc... Half of these things are already tagged with gaming, so why not make a category!
Jan 19, 2017
I agree to this. It seems like a lot of gaming-oriented stuff is included in the mech keyboards, tech and even audiophile communities. It would be very convenient if they were all in one place. They could also still stay in their original communities, so the people who subscribe to those communities can see them without picking through a bunch of gaming gear.