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DAC/AMP now or later for HD 6XX?

I found out that there's no way for Schiit in México (for example the schiit stack magni+modi cost $400 even from the store) with my budget of $100-$150,so I found better deals at china and Ebay with this ones: -FX audio X6 (dac/amp) -Topping A30 -Bravo Audio V1/V2/V3/Ocean/S1 -or even SMSL M3 (dac/amp) Since my Onboard audio already handles 192khz/24bits I´m planning to get a good amp first since I bearly hear something while gaming with the 6XX, so I need to kill everything with EQ without a good amp. Some forums says that 240 mW per channel or more is the ideal for the 6XX. ps: Massdrop does not send drops to México. EDIT: I have decided to go JDS Labs Atom amp.

Nov 13, 2018
The bravo ocean amp that they put on massdrop from time to time is really good with the 6xx, better than the magni 3 imho.
Nov 10, 2018
take a look at the smsl sAp9, I have one and love it, it is about $105 on amazon.
Nov 10, 2018
ethanchanOn papel looks amazing, but for balanced audio you don't need a balanced output from DAC? I'm not that fancy, yet.
Nov 10, 2018
Taquito96the amp has stereo and balanced, if you use the xlr in then you will use balanced xlr out on the front, if you use rca in then you will use 1/4" audio out on the front. Also, if you do get that fancy, it is not recommended to use both outputs at the same time. you can feed signal to both but know if you don't, the input on the back will determin which jack you use in the front. xlr to xlr, stereo to stereo. I loved it because it suited my needs very well since I knew that one day I would be trying balanced (which I did and will use it whenever possible). Hope that helps. Also to answer your question on balanced, yes, to get true balanced you would need balanced to balanced, but, while it may not be true balanced, you can go from rca to xlr, and use the balanced out. you will not get "true" balanced but you will hear the difference between the balanced xlr output and the stereo unbalanced out. But, to make it completely clear (and to keep the audio gods from spamming replies of how it is not really a "True" balanced signal) going RCA to XLR is not true balanced, but it does work and IMO is still much better than the stereo out. Hope that helps
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