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Cart Feature Request

Hello, I wanted to request a new cart feature for the website: wishlists. I know that the website already has the ability to save content that you can find later in your profile, but it only resolves to an entire set of content, not individual purchasable items. Once purchased, the item would be removed from the wishlist unless it's added back. For example, I'm building up both my SA Carbon and SA Oblivion sets. There's an absurd number of kits (awesome!), and my sets are each maybe 1/3 complete. I want to dump all the things I still need into a wishlist so I can easily pick and choose without having to remember what I already have, etc. Especially useful for aiming at free shipping. Anyway, I have lusted after this feature several times now, so I figured it was time to ask. Thank you! Morbii

Aug 10, 2022
Request Denied.
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