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Hey Laadieesssss

I fell in love with massdrop as a beginner audiophile and its helped me learn so much but I've certainly "stayed" and explored the other communities for great gifts for the ones I love. I think the obviously untapped market here is Women's style, regardless of the constant barriers to providing the lowest price when it comes to clothing; if there was a niche community geared towards unique and quality sourced women's accessories at the "Massdrop" price it could be explosively successful.
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I see that you are a lady that has good inner ear hygiene and would certainly see nothing worth making a fuss if one were to ask for some old fashioned style time be spent with each other. You also mentioned a crew team while posting, which is a natural segway into having a natural appreciation for old fashioned company. Some consider vintage the same thing, but lack of toned arm strength and no sense of rhythm can make something simple a way of simply making for an old fashioned waste of time.. if you laughed, then mentioning I have seen drops where i've thought to myself... "those would look cute on the right girl". this was all written in your desire for audio being heard more correctly than most, unable to differentiate what makes for proper sound from a market where crap is designed to be eye candy..... for your ears. i realize this is not a dating site, but the amount some ppl pay to keep their keyboards looking good, giving it a girl's name is where it should end, but... i have a feeling more than one keyboard will be spoomed tonight.
Here here!
To add to what Clarissa mentioned, you can vote for a Women's Style Community on Massdrop here https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1
Yeah I told massdrop they should add a women's style community awhile back. I'm sure they will add one eventually :3