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…so these say “not for resale”, so would both drop and I be breaking a law by buying this?


LOL assuming this is a legit question, that's just the aesthetic of the board. There is no legal issue to be dealing with here, so feel free to not only buy one, but then re-sell it if you want to as a third party! If you ARE joking... dank meme.
Sep 15, 2022
The “not for resale” is just aesthetic
shawng297i am egg
You would but Drop isn't. That's because Drop is buying them from a recognized distributer at cost prices. If you bought the set for SRP then sold it for 'scalper prices', then that would constitute 'reselling'. Retailers aren't resellers unless they're thrift shops. Also I think it's more of a voluntary rule than a law, like not selling a dvd movie before the release date. I doubt there's any way you could get arrested by reselling the keys. It would be more of a getting fined or cut off from the distributer type of situation.
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