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Drop ENTR illumination

Yesterday I posted this question, however I can't find any answers or find my post. I have a Drop ENTR keyboard on order. The demo video on the Drop site makes the illumination look like it pulsating or wave. I hope not. If it is, how do I get it to go just static?

@ege1 The ENTR keyboard LEDs are on constant (no pulsing/breathing or wave) - the second image here shows the LEDs on at the end, and is representative of how they look. Could you point me to where you saw pulsing for reference?
Sep 22, 2022
HoffmanMysterIf you go to the listing for the drop entr, and you scroll down, there is a video of a fellow reviewing the keyboard. I have looked at it again. Perhaps when I saw the part that had RGB lighting, I was concerned that there was pulsation. For some reason they include this and the drop entr review, however that would be a different unit having RGB. So I'm not sure why they put it in the drop entr review. Thanks for your concern.
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