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How about a tool community?

Many of the other hobbies represented on here do require the use of tools, so why not get some discounts on various hand tools like decent torque wrenches, laser measuring devices, and electronic meters and testers, eneloop batteries, battery chargers, etc. The tool sets from iFixit seem to sell well. High end Soldering irons ( I would love a discounted Hakko FX888D) antistatic mats with wrist straps, specialty automotive tools, and many others that I am sure I am missing. Some of these show up in other places, but why not consolidate them and expand on the choices? They could even include how-to books, reference books, and project books and videos, online courses at a discount.
Rambo, Tviskjola, and 7 others

Tool community could also tie into a bunch of other already well-established communities. So it could either stand alone and compliment or cannabalize from other communities (just a thought).
EDC folks would snap up sets of Wiha Torx drivers, Loctite, and sharpening/strop kits for knife maintenance, as well as polishing cloths and compounds.
MJLavelle covered gaming tools.
Axes, folding/backpacking shovels, tomahawks, tent repair kits for outdoors.
Cutting board oil, cast iron cleaner, sharpeners/strops, pot racks, knife blocks/magnets for cooking.
Thank you for letting us know. A DIY(tool) community is doing well in this new community poll as well https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1. We are keeping an eye on the poll and will keep updating everyone about what is possible when.
I agree that there should be a tool community it would certainly test my abilities to be a responsible adult rather than spend all my money at Massdrop, but a good deal on premium tools is hard for me to pass up.