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What happened to fountain pens, colognes, high-end paper and perfumes/other products?

I’ve been browsing through massdrop/drop for years. It looks like only electronics and computer accessories are sold through the site now with maybe an occasional pen of some kind sold. Is there nowhere else?

You can try UNCRATE dot com. They have clothes, knives, pens, sunglasses, wines, colognes, and submarines, but no keyboards, lol. Uncrate
Oct 4, 2022
Hey man, I just copy-paste this answer to everyone asking the same question. Sorry to say but Drop just decided on 17 March 2021 that it's going to be all about headphones and keyboards. Bye to all the really well-designed EDC, knives, watch, and other collabs that are sold out; I'm guessing no new products too. Whatever is on Drop's now-hidden Amazon page is all we'll ever get now (no Drop watch collabs tho 🙁 ) You have to actively search Drop and the proper keywords for non-tech products to pop-up as shown: Good luck!
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