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Back plate for Infinity 60% keyboard?

I was part of the Infinity 60% keyboard drop in 2017 and got the Hacker configuration, which uses the non-standard 6u space bar size. This has limited what key cap sets I can put on the board and I've finally decided to switch to the standard layout to expand my options. Unfortunately, the back plate that came with the keyboard only supports the hacker layout. Is there a back plate I could buy that's compatible with the Infinity 60% keyboard that supports the standard layout or all 3 of its layouts? Pictures of the board and back plate for clarity. Thanks!

Sorry if this is a super basic question. I'm definitely a newb!

Oct 3, 2022
OK, apparently this is a very basic question if you know anything about DIY mechanical keyboards! In case any other newbs come along the answer is: Universal back plates are a thing now days so all you have to do is look at the layouts that the plate supports to make sure it lines up with the profile(s) on you PCB. For example, the Teamwolf Universal 60% Custom Brass Plate that you can currently get on Drop is compatible with my Infinity 60% even though it's not explicitly mentioned in the list of compatible PCBs. The Teamwolf, however, is a lot more plate than I need and I was able to find an aluminum one for $10 with free shipping elsewhere. That said, the DZ60 looks pretty awesome. If I'm able to nab a DZ60 with hotswap at some point then I would seriously consider the Teamwolf plate!
Oct 9, 2022
ace_of_duncesAlso probably worth noting for anyone new to the hobby is that this component is universally referred to as a 'plate', not a 'back plate'. I thought you were talking about a bottom weight or something until you mentioned layout compatibility. If you felt a need to be more specific than 'plate' for some reason, 'top plate' or 'switch plate' would be more accurate.
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