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Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
After months of planning and collaboration with keycap designer MiTo, we would like to present the Infinity 60% Keyboard with the new 3Run Keycap Set. We realized those who use programmable keyboards to navigate the digital world have much in common with the people who use free-running to navigate the physical world Read More
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A Massdrop-Exclusive Collaboration

After months of planning and collaboration with keycap designer MiTo, we would like to present the Infinity 60% Keyboard with the new 3Run Keycap Set. We realized those who use programmable keyboards to navigate the digital world have much in common with the people who use free-running to navigate the physical world. The idea behind free-running, or parkour, is to find the fastest and most efficient path to get from one point to another. When using a computer, the main physical factors that limit your speed and performance are the layout and response time of your keyboard. We designed a board that can be redefined on a hardware level, and now, an entirely new keycap set  fitting of such power and control.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Note: The default for all orders will be the Gateron kit in the layout of your choice, with plastic injection-molded case. The default does not come with keycaps. At checkout, you’ll have several options.

Layout: The Alphabet layout is similar to most 60% keyboards such as the Poker series, the KC60, the v60, and the GH60. The Hacker / Standard layouts were initially developed for the IC60. More details can be found below.

Switches: Gateron, Matias, Cherry, and Zealios switches in various types.

Keycaps: PBT DSA blanks in either Matias or Cherry MX style or GMK 3Run keycap set in Cherry MX style only. Please make sure you are selecting the correct keycap set layout at checkout.

Case: Bent metal, plastic injection-molded in either black or white, or the low profile aluminum case + cone feet (+ $59.99) in black or silver.

Change Log - October 2016

Designed for You

The Infinity 60% keyboard was designed from the ground up around the KLL, the acrnym Keyboard Layout Language. KLL, developed by Jacob Alexander, is designed to standardize programmable keyboard configuration across a variety of keyboards. This allows your keyboard to become a fluid, adjustable device—instead of a fixed, unchanging object—that can be adapted to your typing style.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

GMK 3Run Keycap Set

This GMK doubleshot keycap set designed by MiTo—creator of PuLSE, Godspeed, and Overcast—and rendered by Zambumon, designer of The Amazing Chocolatier, uses an electric yellow and dark teal to evoke a feeling of speed and performance. The Infinity 60% keyboard’s minimal form factor and improved layout options provide the physical capability to back up the sensational color scheme.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

The GMK 3run set is based around the Alphabet layout, which is a stock 60% layout. We’ve also designed an Extras Set that makes use of a classic, dark teal that offsets the intense energy found in this keycap set. For people that are selecting the Hacker or Standard Layout, you will need to add the Hacker / Standard keycap set at checkout, or you will not be able to fit your keyboard with the caps you want.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Community Choice

This design was selected from a poll for 60% keyboard layouts, where over 1,200 people voted and the first Infinity Keyboard was selected as the community favorite. We selected the most simple and elegant materials for construction, using thick stainless steel for the frame, a wide variety of mechanical switches, and textured DSA keycaps by Signature Plastics. This keyboard symbolizes the strength of the keyboard-maker movement, and it uses the smallest number of parts to make the most powerful device.

Alternative Keycaps

For a more subdued keycap option, we offer blank black PBT plastic in DSA profile from Signature Plastics. These are the same type keycaps used in the ErgoDox and the famous Granite by Matteo. They’re incredibly durable and are one of the most popular keycaps choices available. The set is an additional $39.99 at checkout ($49.99 for Matias/Alps), and your caps will feel just as amazing 20 years from the day you finish constructing your keyboard.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Open Source

The greatest feature of the Infinity 60% is its open software, firmware, and hardware. This allows full sovereignty over the keyboard, on a fundamentally different level than most objects you've ever encountered before. When you use the configurator to modify the Infinity 60%, you are actually completely altering the hardware at its most basic level. On any other keyboard, changes to the layout often require third-party software that may or may not work. With the Infinity Keyboard, full layout customization was the goal of the design, not an afterthought. An easy-to-use configurator allows for infinite layout options, letting you take ownership of your hardware. The chip that makes all of this customization possible is the MCHCK project, a small and affordable microcontroller platform that integrates directly into the circuit board. This is made possible by Jacob Alexander's Keyboard Layout Language (KLL), a new BIOS for keyboards that unlocks the true potential of a device.

After we designed the keyboard and made a prototype, we decided to offer an additional keyboard design- named the Standard layout- featuring a US standard bottom row that includes the commonly found 6.25 unit spacebar. While unique keycap sets would be incompatible with the bottom row of the Hacker layout, the Standard layout works well with existing keycap sets and offers a larger range of customization options. Lastly, the new Alphabet layout added this round which uses the standard 60% layout.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Any Way You Want It

By designing both the hardware and the software from scratch, we were able to achieve two critical features that are unique to the Infinity Keyboard: native N-key rollover and full keyboard layout customization. Together, they allow for infinite key presses to be registered and infinite customization options for the user. In addition, backlit LED functionality has been added.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

N-Key Rollover

Most mechanical keyboards achieve N-key rollover through workarounds or hacks such as simulating multiple keyboards at once. This often results in compatibility issues or partial functionality across different operating systems. When creating the Infinity Keyboard, we refused to settle for such workarounds. Instead, we drilled down to the hardware level to create a robust solution. N-key rollover is built directly into the innovative design of the circuit board, which allows each key to operate separately. Regardless of operating system or setup, the Infinity Keyboard ensures all key presses will be registered. The Infinity Keyboard truly can handle, infinite simultaneous key presses.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Case & Layout

The Infinity Keyboard Kit comes in two case styles: solid metal frame, and plate + case. The solid metal frame is a minimalist option, leaving the PCB bare for easy access and modification. The plate + case comprises a flat stainless steel plate, injection-molded case with the same design as other popular 60% cases. There are also three layout options available: Hacker, Standard, and Alphabet, a new layout for this drop. The Hacker layout is the original layout requested by the community in the poll that began this project. Standard layout modifies the Hacker layout slightly to use a stock 6.25-unit spacebar, but is sufficiently different from other keyboards so that normal keycap sets will not be fully compatible. To address this we created the Alphabet layout, which has a fully stock layout and will be completely compatible with most keycap sets. While this layout may be found on other keyboards, nothing available approaches the programming and customization options available for the Infinity Keyboard.


Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit


Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit


Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

randomfrankp Review

Switch Options

Flexibility, customization, and thoughtful hardware design are consistent themes of the Infinity Keyboard, and switch selection is no exception. The circuit board of the Infinity Keyboard is designed to be compatible with Cherry MX, Matias, and Gateron switches.

The most popular switches in the mechanical keyboard community, Cherry MX mechanical switches, have a reliable reputation and come in multiple variants. Whether you prefer a linear or tactile feel, clicky or quiet sound, or larger or smaller actuation force, there is a Cherry MX switch for you.

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Cherry MX switches aren't the only switches that can be used to make a keyboard. Matias switches are a noteworthy alternative, designed to exceed Cherry’s specs in every capacity, and come in two varieties: Quiet and Clicky. The Quiet switches make less noise than Cherry MX Browns and the Clicky Switches are considerably more clicky than Cherry MX Blues. Both are great alternatives to Cherry MX switches, which is why we've taken the time to integrate them as an option. Finally, the community-favorite Gaterons along with Zealios will also be available.


Plastic Injection Molded Black
Plastic Injection Molded White
Bent Metal Case
Low Profile CNC Aluminum Case Black
Low Profile CNC Aluminum Case Silver


  • Keyboard Layout Language, printed circuit board, stainless steel case plate, and layouts developed, designed, and organized by Input Club.
  • Brought together by Massdrop and the Keyboard Community
  • MiTo and Zambumon for the work on the 3Run keycap set.
Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit


  • Weight with keycaps: 23 oz (652.04 g)
  • N-key rollover
  • Dual Cherry MX/Matias compatibility
  • Hacker, Standard, or Alphabet Layouts available
  • Open source
  • Controller Code available here - Kiibohd Github

GMK 3Run Color Codes

  • Yellow: GE1
  • Cyan: TU2
  • White: CP
  • Black: CR


  • Dual Cherry MX/Matias silk-screened printed circuit board
  • Cherry MX, Matias, or Gateron Switches
  • Black or White plastic injection molded case or bent Steel case
  • Option to add GMK 3run designed by MiTo and rendered by Zambumon (Cherry Compatibility Only)
  • Option to add Black, Blank PBT keycaps in the DSA Profile from Signature Plastics for additional cost
  • USB cable
  • Stabilizer assembly compatible with Signature Plastics Spacebars and GMK keycaps
  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty


Estimated ship date is Jan 31, 2017 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. Cancellations are accepted up to 2 hours after checkout for in-stock items, or up until pre-order ships.

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