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Three questions. First what is the power output into an 8 ohm speaker? My guess is that it much less than the quoted 4 ohms in the spec sheet. Second, is there subwoofer output. Ok another, what functions does the single knob adjust and are there tone controls? I think the product description is very incomplete.

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Oct 4, 2022
There are bass and treble controls. The rotary dial along with the single push button beside the display lets you control which input, bluetooth setting, tone controls, direct mode, sdb mode. It takes a little use to learn how to adjust but not too difficult. I've had this unit about 3 years. Started out using in garage workshop to power some small speakers then moved it to kitchen duty after purchasing a higher grade smsl dac and amp setup (da-9, su-9) for garage. They are all linked to my Bluesound Node streamer. At $95 I think this amp is a bargain. I'll have to look up the specs regarding power output later. It gets louder than I was expecting with my Dali Spektor 2 speakers (6 ohm). There is no subwoofer out.
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