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About recent MD Shipping changes

At some point shipping charges seemed to have dropped off, this is a pretty big deal for me as i can't see what i'm actualy going to be paying so don't know if it's worth my time to join a drop. If someone could give me some background on what happened or point me to a relevant post it would be appreciated.
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In some cases, it's not clear that certain countries ARE excluded from the drop (not talking about US-exclusive, just partial world coverage). The old style where shipping charge to YOUR country shows up right there on the drop page was much more convenient. Now I see something I like and it doesn't say it's US-only but when I click "join" feel a huge let-down after all the excitement that the drop doesn't ship to my country. That's really cruel, IMO.
I think that the reason for the change is that when you click on "join drop" to see the shipping costs "massdrop" knows that you might be considering the item and will then bombard you with emails about the drop........cynical me
Just noticed that the shipping cost diapered off the main page, there was no notification that this "improvement" was going to happen, please reverse this retrograde change.
Seeing the cost of shipping on the main product page is always nice. FYI, though, you can just click "Join Drop" to see the shipping charge. (Change the country if necessary.) Despite the name of the button, clicking "Join Drop" just takes you to the payment page; it doesn't commit you to any purchase or "join" you to anything. You can then use your browser's "Go Back" function to easily return to the main product page.
Sorry for digging this up, but clicking "Join Drop" and not joining said drop seems to add to you to a mailing list that notifies you about said drop before it ends. Sometimes twice. Very sneaky and unprofessional imo.
That could be. I've actually noticed that simply viewing a product page can also trigger this behavior, and I agree: it's annoying and adds unnecessary noise to my email inbox, like any other spam.
The new changes are really bad for usability. Looking forward to a change back.
Yeah it was better before when you could see shipping at a glance rather than having to join.