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AMP/DAC for Mackie CR3's?

For starters I know nothing about audio and hardware, it's sad because I'm a music producer. That being said... I'm looking for something that will go from PC to device to speakers. The CR3's have one powered speaker and then the first speaker powers the second. My PC is built for gaming and the only thing I can find about its sound card is that its part of the NVIDIA GeForce 750 graphicas card. I don't know what I need for it and if it should go line out into the speakers or just auxiliary into speakers (which I feel is wrong). Either way, any advice will help me out. Thanks.

A community member
Feb 14, 2017
Hi there
Just had a look at the speakers you mentioned and I think you can get away with line out on the pc if you are not having any sound quality issues of note and if it has one. If you are looking for a dac/amp you will want line out connection on it usually as rca something like: You have many options for dac and amp but for what you want it needs line out on the back for best results. Hope that helps.
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