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How do I go about building a keyboard?

I have been very interested in buying a barebones keyboard for a while now. I honestly have no idea what I would need to buy to complete the keyboard though. Here is an example of what I have considered buying, What would I need to make this a complete keyboard? Thank you for anyone that helps!

Jun 2, 2023
If you read the whole listing, it tells you everything that comes in the kit and everything you still need. Comes with:
  • PCB
  • JST Daughterboard
  • PC Plate
  • FR4 Plate
  • Plate and PCB Foam (Poron and PE)
  • Poron Gaskets
  • Hardware and Screws
Still need:
  • Switches
  • Keycaps
  • Stabilizers
Reiterating @HoffmanMyster's sentiment, absolutely feel free to tag me, or leave a comment in the guide he linked, if you have any further questions!
Hey! That's an excellent question. The kit that you linked includes the PCB, plate(s), case, and foams (optional). Components not included in the kit are: ▪️ Stabilizers (you'll want PCB-Mount for this kit) ▪️ Switches (3-pin and 5-pin compatible) ▪️ Keycaps Because the PCB is hotswap, the process is (broadly speaking) as simple as slotting components together - no soldering or other complicated processes involved. The most complex aspects will be lubing stabilizers and switches if you're interested in doing that. As you're working through building, or at any point through the process, stop back here with any questions you might have. Myself and many others around here would be more than happy to help where needed. :) I would also recommend taking a quick look at this great guide that @The_Manic_Geek put together, Best Practices When Building a Keyboard. It includes some useful tips and tricks to help the process go as smooth as possible.
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