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DAC/Amps for AKG 7XX?

I wanted to buy the centrence dac/amp slim port but massdrop doesn't sell them anymore

My son uses the SoundBlaster E5 for those exact headphones. its a very versatile unit that can stream bluetooth or jack into your device. has two headphone out jacks. I ended up getting one for use in apps ranging from between my phone and my audio-in in the truck (HUGE difference) to overseas flights with headphones, etc.
I don't recall the AKG K7XX NEEDING an amp--it does not require that much power. You probably can purchase any amp on the market for it, but the most commonly recommended combination is the Schiit Magni 2 and Modi 2. If you're not interested, consider the Fulla 2, featuring the same DAC as the Modi 2. You could also try the ODAC + OD combination from JDSLabs as well. I've heard some good reviews about the uDAC 3 as well, but I have never tried them and review sources are incredibly rare.
thx for the reply man.Yeh i definately get the schiit magni 2 or modi 2.I also heard the Fiio E10K and the schiit Fulla 2 is good
What's wrong with Schiit Audio? I've heard a lot of hate from them--but none of them really ever give reasons.