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Our New Community

Hi everyone! We are beyond excited to announce a major update here on Drop.  Introducing: Battlestations Our new community, Battlestations, is now live! You can find our launch landing page here. Please read the official announcement from our CEO, Jef, for an additional perspective on why this new community means so much to us. 
The new community allows us to feature products outside of the two mainstay communities that you’ve come to know and love: Mech Keys and Audiophile. We know as well as you do that curating the perfect workspace is a very personal endeavor, and also non-trivial. Finding just the right thing for your setup can take a lot of work. We hope that by adding this new community here on Drop we can provide a space for highly-regarded and unique desk items that will be sure to complement the accessories you have already carefully selected for your setup.  Along with the launch of our new community, we have a whole host of auxiliary events and giveaways to share. Be sure to check them all out, and please also leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section below!  Events & Activities Starting June 14th (these are all separate events; participate in any or all of them!): ▪️ Doorbuster Sales: We’ve gone insane from working on this new launch! Shop our Sitebuster deals here. ▪️ Giveaway: Join the giveaway on our site here, at the bottom of the page. ▪️ Deskscapes Launch: In conjunction with the new community, we will be launching a new "style" browsing feature to find inspiration for your setup. Browse our Deskscapes here. ▪️ Reddit Giveaway: Join the giveaway on reddit for a chance to win $1,000 in Drop Rewards to refresh your workspace! Giveaway begins on June 14th. Edit: Quick programming note to acknowledge the blackouts on reddit taking place during this time - timing and details of the reddit giveaway are subject to change for this reason. ▪️ Instagram Giveaway: Join for a chance to win $500 towards your battlestation! Post your own battlestation and use the hashtag #DropBattlestations to join. Giveaway is live. ▪️ Discord Giveaways: Join the Drop Discord and participate in a week-long giveaway event! We will be giving away prizes daily for the entire week, starting June 14th.  ▪️ DKC Bonus Rewards: All Drop Keyboard Club members have received a bonus $15 in Drop Rewards as a celebration of the launch event! Anyone who was a member as of 12:00am, June 14th, 2023 received the rewards. (edit: formatting, added new URLs)

I love how you have distributed the web now... Much more orderly everything
hi everyone, what is the name of the community on Reddit? Can I have a link?
Add some rotary encoders !!
Can we get an updated invite link to the discord?
573V0Just updated to link directly to the channel
We are looking forward to more competitive products. I'm always rooting for you
Jun 14, 2023
Offering some cable management solutions would be awesome
cjenkinGreat idea!
hell yeah DKC rewards!!!
Jun 14, 2023
What is there for doorbusters? And are all coupons the $30 off $200 or are their different tiers again?
EggysThere are few tiers but less than during some of the other previous campaigns. You can see the doorbusters here - we'll add few more throughout the day too.
Jun 14, 2023
What Doorbuster sales?
Jun 14, 2023
Great news.
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