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Just to confirm for those interested: This mouse does NOT appear to use standard MX switches, and the keycaps used are custom for the mouse with an offset stem and no stabalizer - you *may* be able to replace them with 1u, 1.5u, or an offset Caps Lock, but a significant cutout is required to clear the oversized surround extending from the scroll wheel; and that's presuming the size of the stem is correct for receiving an MX keycap in the first place. So there is generally zero swapping happening on this thing, 'fELLoW mEcHeRs' hahaha. It's hardly more informative, but you can at least see some pictures that illustrate the above grumblings: I REALLY don't get why such normal considerations from the "Mech Keys" community aren't addressed by Drop, and why they aren't even considered by Lofree from the beginning in designing this thing. Like, sure, the idea of a "mech compatible" mouse is fun enough, but they mimicked the design and offered none of the modularity that is expected by default from enthusiasts. It's perfectly fine for Lofree to make this. It's always great when companies experiment and offer unique/playful takes in a bog-standard category! This is *yet again* example of a significant issue of Drop employing either zero standards in product copy for the enthusiasts they claim to know, or employing people that copy the same enthusiastic, non-informative blurbs to market products they know nothing about. I genuinely enjoy this place for the value of curating new and interesting things generally unfound by most, but typical practice of uninformative descriptions and images really do make it feel like there's static between everyone along the way of communication from manufacturers to organizers to publishing. As much as I've bellyached about this, Drop could benefit from hiring me as consult to help review/improve their listing so I'll finally shut up 😘

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