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Pc37x 3.5 mm connection

i have the hyper x cloud 2 and I ordered the pc37x and now i thought about the cable its mot a usb and my pc is very old 7 years so the sound card would also be bad so i tried to use my hyperx cloud2 directly into the motherboard and sound was normal but the mic was awful was it only my hyperx or the pc37x would be terrible too?

The thing with sound… some old products are great, even vintage stuff. I would caution that the front panel audio on a PC Case is pretty much the WORST quality from any digital source. For the short term, it’s better to take advantage of the PC37X’s long cable and plug it into the back of your PC, directly into your motherboard’s green and pink sockets. But in the long run, you won’t know the full potential of the PC37X until you get a nice DAC/amplifier, such as the Creative G6 mentioned by @Sir_Turkey, or any number of other devices. The USB side of your HyperX Cloud 2(it would have a little DAC and amplifier inside, probably a DSP too) would have been customized to sound decent with the HyperX headset.
Nov 5, 2023
You should invest in an external Soundblaster G6 that connects to you PC via USB. The G6 has separate inputs for "mic" and "headphones" with the ability to control the volume for each separately. Ive had no problems with mic or sound quality using my PC38X with the Soundblaster G6. EDIT: I dont have an internal soundcard in my PC... but if your HyperX headphones are performing poorly using the internal soundcard than the PC37X you purchased might have the same issues since you will be plugging it into the same source.
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