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Razer replacement keycaps

I have the new Razer Blackwidow v4 75% keyboard. I have not seen any other keycaps that will fit. Do you have any? If not, since noose else has them, perhaps you could think about them in the near future?

There are plenty of keycap sets compatible with that board, its layout is very similar to boards like Sense75, GMMK PRO, and Keychron Q1/V1. As long as the keycap set has a 1.75U right shift, three 1U mods for the right of the spacebar, and the four keys for the far right column you're good to go. Any of Drop's Artifact Bloom, DCX, or MT3 keycap sets should work fine, alongside most anything folks like Cannon Keys, Omnitype, NovelKeys, or Kinetic Labs sells
Nov 3, 2023
The_Manic_Geek 3 points. AI 0 points. To no surprise to you, you are correct. TY again for your patience.
funpilotAI is a remarkably powerful tool to use, but not all AI is created equally, and not all prompts have the same effect. I may not know much about AI, but I do know that. Anyway, that's one hell of a keyboard, and one I kinda want to add to my collection as well once the funds allow for it. With the colors its offered in you could get basically any keycap set and it would look good, what budget are you looking at with your keycap selection and are there any sets you currently have your eye on?
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